Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 21, 2012

Nest of Vipers

In my last post (three weeks!) I mentioned the unholy trinity in the cabinet and the more I heard Emmanuel George speaking this week, the more I questioned the “considerable thought” that went into his appointment as minister in a very powerful and influential ministry…

Let me tell you what I think and then I’ll throw in a juicy morsel that our investigative reporters never had in their crosshairs. (Okay, I don’t like to use gun terminology in a crime-ridden country, but it is the most descriptive). First off, you need to question the statements, “the PM in her wisdom”, “the PM maintains the right to choose her cabinet” and “serving at the PM’s pleasure”. It’s all bull tata because it was more like puppeteers calling the shots (oh crap, another gun reference) and telling the puppet how to configure the appointments.

Jack had to move out of Works and go to Security so he had to get someone to replace him that will keep him in the OAS/Pt. Fortin Highway Loop… George was the pick as like I said before, he seems malleable enough. And if George is moved from Public Utilities and water has the second highest potential for graft and corruption, why not bring the man in who was responsible for George as a Minister and he make him in charge of a water ministry? First time in our history, WASA doesn’t fall under public utilities so ask yourself why.

I maintain my position that unlike any state-appointed CEO, when Ganga Singh was at WASA he controlled his board and his minister, not the other way around. You think that Indar Maharaj (now appointed President at NGC) and George has more political clout and influence than Ganga Singh? You have to be naive to think so… When the original cabinet was configured in 2010, he got George on board and was “rewarded” with the CEO’s post. You think Ganga is UNC or COP? While Anil Roberts flap his gums and you know he’s more UNC than COP, Ganga is a bit more subtle. After all, he’s been around far longer and more versed at his craft than Anil…

And how close do you think Jack , George and Ganga are? Well here’s that morsel I promised you at the beginning: There’s a woman by the name of Joanne Mora who was appointed a Special Advisor to the Minister of Works and Transport and whose claim to fame (sorry, I meant the appointment) is that she is/was the Chief Administration Officer at the Warner Group of Companies… And this is public knowledge:

And if you notice two other things on the profile, one says managing director of JLM Quality Services and supporter at (?) United National Congress… The reason I was pointed to this website was because of a tip from a company director who said he was approached on more than one occasion by members of this trio to “fund” activities of the UNC via a monetary contribution to JLM rather than paying directly to the UNC… Anybody remembers Basdeo Panday’s accusation of Warner channelling campaign money for his own use and how JW was eventually taken to court by one Krishna Lalla for millions he allegedly paid to Warner for use by the UNC?

Do you think Joanne is now sitting as a Special Adviser to the Minister of National Security? Do you think I should be afraid, or we should all be afraid?



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