Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 23, 2013

Loving Your Local Contractor

One of these days I will trip of this narrow ledge of sanity and you’ll read about me in the dailies all because of road contractors whose sole purpose in life is to make mine a traffic hell. I’m not paranoid, but they are all out to get me :-)

The first ILMC award today goes to Seereeram Brothers who must have a sweetheart deal with someone to mobilise in the same area (at least four times I know of) north of the Caroni Bridge along the Southern Main Road. They’ve been coming and going there, like forever, and they are back again it seems to finally repair the very bad Freeman Road in St. Augustine. Now, it’s not the first time I’ve come across it, but have you noticed how contractors are closing roads without notification? Just like that – road closed either because of a bridge to repair (or the infamous ‘box drain’) or paving works and it’s you to ketch trying to figure out where to go. Everyone got caught with this one and headed to Bedaisee Street and got tied up like market crab.

Here’s a screenshot off Waze showing the traffic pile up a few weeks ago when Seereeram Brothers returned to the same site mentioned above to mill the same road they paved a few months ago and then re-pave.


What the hell? Absolutely nothing wrong with the road and milling and to re-pave? Who approved that? Someone with a big expense coming up and looking for bribe money? And the result? All those dark red lines are traffic backed up because the milling left a sharp edge to climb onto the Caroni Bridge and every single car – at 5 in the evening – had to slow down… Nothing wrong – leave it like that for the next day.

Second ILMC award goes to the small contractor (no name on equipment) who get a wuk to pave Munroe Road in the week leading up to the Chaguanas bye-election. Between the old train line and Trini Fried Chicken is the worst paving I’ve seen a long time done with a machine. The machine was so old and derelict it broke apart on Friday night (July 26th) in front of Low Cost Supermarket and left right there to make traffic a nightmare the Saturday morning. No seriously – the back half of the asphalt paving machine was left right there in the road…

Third ILMC award goes to Coosal’s who some months ago got the job to repair the left lane of the West bound lane of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway between Trincity Mall and UWI traffic lights. School open, west bound lane into Port of Spain, but they decided that the best time to work was in the mornings and let the motoring public go down to two lanes instead of the normal three. Madness… plus (1) they could have been the contractor who extended the highway lanes some years ago and getting paid to repair their own shoddy work, and (2) the worst part between UWI traffic lights and Kay Donna was left untouched.

Last but not least – the top I Love My Contractor award goes to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago – and you know how they love their contractors – for up to this day, with three lanes reaching as far as Mausica Road, cannot build a third lane in the Trincity Bridge east bound… Three lanes before, two lane bridge, three lanes after – you do the intelligence math on that.

After six decades on this my Trini soil I can sum up my life in one word – ENDURE.. It used to be: “you live, you pay taxes and then you die”, but in Trinidad you live, you endure and look forward to the sweet release of death. We endure bad governance, corrupt public servants, bold-faced businessmen, ‘ah is a criminal’ bravado from driving to line-breaking to about everything else and we still have the field slave mentality not to rise up and change it all.


  1. about ILMC Coosal’s FYI that was all the government procedures and Between the Uwi to kaydonna was only the first time we paved it the slow lane is in a mess because of the government PURE faulty design in road construction and still up to this day the government blames COOSAL’S… Who the hell creates a slow lane from a shoulder and doesn’t want to do full reconstruction from the existing… the government of Trinidad (PURE)… Big engineers they say they are only collecting bribe from contracts and they do so much shit… I would like u to tell me or find another contract that COOSAL’S did and it was bad.. Find it… Look at the new Caroni Bypass Road, the middle part was done by COOSAL’S and the side to kelly by a famous UNC Financier or should i say THE FAMOUS UNC Financier… and the other side going to the Caroni Bridge was done by Junior Sammy… at least i could say Sammy is still holding up… plus Kallco getting fast money by the UNC to put done roads in seconds before people could see and using the most shit i have ever seen… “Is like they Batching from a Sewer”… and then the PURE want to dog the Contractors who care about quality.. Where was PURE then.. But they only dog the contractors works who don’t lick their
    A**es… Thank you.. for your time

    • I read back my post (it’s two years old) and my biggest complaint about Coosal’s was traffic management – as with most of the rant. I also said ‘could have been the contractor’ not, ‘was the contractor’ who extended the highway. Sounds like you work for Coosal’s – somewhere inside there you said ‘we’ – so if you can help, all the motoring public ask is that contractors put proper traffic management in place. I may be the last to say Coosal’s don’t know what they are doing when it comes to actual civil works… I know peeps in there.

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