Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 26, 2013

Plenty Talk But Nothing Said

So, in 5 days Jack Warner has resigned as a minister of government, chairman of a political party and now as an elected member of Parliament. And if you don’t see his intention to fight for re-election in a seat he willingly gave up as a direct challenge to the UNC executive – including the political leader and prime minister, then you aren’t paying attention…

I have to admit – as much as I wanted to move away from the TV, it was like waiting for an accident to happen. I nodded off twice (give the ole man a bligh nuh) while he boringly went on about the ‘free gift’ of the Centre of Excellence. Tell me something I didn’t know… Of course it was a gift, but a corrupt one. This wasn’t some ‘favour’ granted by a rich benefactor (Havelange), but using an organisation’s funds to pay back for political support to him and his anointed successor (Blatter). And nothing is wrong in that? Wow… Lesson No.1 last night: you can fool some of the people all the time…

Paying attention to what was said (not you Felicity folks) there were inconsistencies, but this is platform talk, not a debate where he could be immediately challenged. So take win on that one, but saying you had no files to ‘buss’ at the beginning and then bad talking your PM and some cabinet colleagues getting down to the end confirms what everyone says – you are not to be trusted. Lesson No.2: maintain your relationship with your constituents and you will have a long political life. (Actually one that 40 others should take to heart).

So what about allegations in print about the $226m funding for Germany in 2006? Nothing said. What about the charges that you handle and commingle funds with your private accounts? Nothing said. What about the three different set of accounts produced by your accountant? Despite court orders? Nothing said. The list could go on and on as Camini Marajh has reached Part 7 by now, but the answer will be the same – nothing said…

In a nutshell – from a re-tweet I saw going around – Jack could sin Monday to Saturday, but once he goes to Church on Sunday all is well. Let’s see the response from the UNC executive after they pull their pants and skirts up.



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