The name of this weblog was derived from one of my favourite comments – people don’t like to hear the truth, especially the nasty little ones. Now I’ve also heard that the truth is subjective (how our mind knows it rather than how it is) so what I say can be totally outrageous and downright distasteful to you, but that’s the whole point…

And, yes… the picture is of Nylon Pool, Tobago. My Heaven on Earth. 


  1. love your work
    have some material to give to u as well…
    how can i?

  2. Good site. Will link to it from my site http://www.godisatrini.com . Similar objective, but different way of getting point across.

    Keep writing!

  3. Hey don’t for one second think of quitting the blog…. it is my life line to Trini I may not read it every day but I do check it often.

    Ray G
    Norwalk, CT

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