Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 16, 2013

Game of Thrones – A Trini Review

If you saw Silver Linings Playbook (amazing how the brain-dead ‘action’ movies get all the ad money and the really good dramas are relatively unknown until the Oscars) and then read all five of George R.R. Martin books, you will empathise with this scene:

Now I love to read – give me a good book after heavy reading (technical or academic tomes) and I’ll disappear into that world. I don’t have HBO (getting robbed with a basic package because I watch about five channels) so never saw the series on television, so when someone suggested it I bought the first e-version and ended up getting all five just trying to see where it’s all headed. Lemme re-phrase that – to see where the arse George was carrying me…

Firstly, when an author’s bio states that there a lot of failed pilots in his resume, has to explain the timeline confusion and how he writes characters’ perspectives in the series, you know that you are in trouble. But I was hooked – I need closure in my stories and movies… Secondly, killing off characters with the only plausible reason being there is nowhere else to take them is just intellectually (artistically?) lazy. The coming shocker in bringing back the dead to life with, again, no rational thought or explanation will blow your mind.

Yes, I can be a spoiler for the people who are reading, or who can only let a plot unfold via televison, but prefer not to. After wallowing and going here and there thinking that there is a destination coming my conclusion is that George is an ass. This Song of Ice and Fire only claim to fame is because of HBO, who, knowing their viewers well, saw the money making possibilities in paedophilia, incestuous sex, and of course, the staple of violence.


  1. I found the books so utterly shite…

    • Aha! I see plural – books – so you were caught like me trying to see if there was some sense in the tata… Intellectual curiosity is a helluva thing eh? Long time no speak – hope all is well…

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