Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 8, 2014

Only For Dana

I gave up on this some months ago – no matter what I thought was important to write about. And if it’s one thing you are sure of in TnT, it’s something to write about! Tired… so very tired… but had to return for Dana.

Dana Seetahal was killed Sunday May 4th in what can only be described as an assassination. And while we can’t depend on the most competent policing service in the world to make some sensible comment about the whole affair, all the media houses have been trying to beat each other with sensational ‘theories’ on why she was killed.

I’ll leave all the eulogising to the politicians and the other usual suspects who are always in TV – I didn’t know Dana personally and only from her writings and when she was an Independent Senator. I guess you couldn’t get someone who more fit the bill of being ‘independent’ in this increasingly materialistic society where greed pervades all. She spoke and wrote her mind and “who vex, loss”.

I wish, for the sake of all citizens, that her killers are not only found, but some rhyme, rationale or reason is given as to why she had to be killed. Fundamental detective work starts with means, motive and opportunity. Who has the means to hire a well trained team to execute this plan? What was the motive? And we all know how simple the opportunity presented itself…

I am also angry (2nd stage of grief?) that she was not trained to think quickly and respond in a situation like this; take evasive action or retaliate with the horsepower available in her vehicle. So many ifs and buts to ease in some way the obvious denial that a brilliant mind is gone forever. Sadly, like all high profile killings before (Michael Hercules in 1993, Selwyn Richardson in 1995) this too will pass and accepted as part of living and dying in Trinidad.



  1. Hey sorry that you are not writing anymore I’ve checked the blog several times but no updates. Please consider at least a monthly post. People like you are my only touch lines to Trini. Do you know of any other good i.e. updated Trini blogs?

    All the best to you
    Ray G
    Norwalk, CT

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