Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 4, 2013

Removing The Mask

Over the weekend two writers who I follow had excellent columns in the Guardian newspaper. If you missed it I’ve inserted the links below, but these should be a must read and spread as far as you contact list can carry it.

Attillah Springer tripped off when that waste of space Nikki Minaj said on American Idol that she empathised with a contestant because she also came from a ‘nothing’ place (how yuh like that Anil?), and I agree with the writer that we have many things to be proud of, but Ira Mathur in her column was crying bitter tears for what she saw happening her adopted land.

The mask must be removed for everyone to see the ugliness beneath. For too long we have been fed the opiate that ‘Trinidad nice. Trinidad is paradise’, and while as a land this is mostly true, we have done nothing to make it better. The common thread between the two columns are the greedy, uncaring politicians who have carried us down this path, but I still blame my people for continuing to worship and not punish them.

Another lie we’ve been hearing for ages is our literacy rate and every night on the news I see so much mis-spelling in the graphics I no longer shake my head… The functionally illiterate have arrived at the news houses and there are no old guards to keep them on track. Everything is about ‘technology’ so give those young whipper snappers the keyboard and English be damned. I blame SMS and BBM most and email a bit for bad spelling…

In other news the government launched their constitutional reform consultation this weekend so get your comments in or attend one of the sessions as advertised in the newspapers.

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