Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 2, 2012

Praying for Silence

I left the island on October 6th to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend in Canada with friends and relatives, spent about ten days in the US touring the states of Ohio (swing state!), Indiana and Michigan, back to Canada for a week and finally returned home October 28th. In that time not once did I enquire what’s going on in Trinidad, not once did I access an online newspaper and when I got back home skipped any news that had to do with politics and politicians.

Just this week a video went viral in the US about a toddler who was reduced to tears after getting tired hearing about ‘Bronco Bama’ and Mitt Romney. I know how four-year old Abigael Evans feel and I’ll probably cry myself one of these days. But I’m approaching that magical number in years where I couldn’t care a rat’s ass – so much that I actually dread returning home after my little trips. (The fact that I feel like I’m melting this last week didn’t help either. Did I die and ended up in hell? Seriously, 36 to 37 degrees after 10 to 12 does feel like some biblical punishment).

So while Abigael’s mom is telling her not to worry it will all be over in a week, we have to endure the rah-rah ad infinitum. It never ends. If I get peace and quiet (and some actual work done!) maybe I’ll be able to write about what we can do instead of what we shouldn’t have done.


  1. Coincidently, I have just written a blog entitled “meltdown”. :-)

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