Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 30, 2012

Managing Complexity

If you are a business student and you do a cursory Google search (for those who haven’t discovered the beauty of Bing) on this topic, you’d probably get over 60 million hits.

So while the ‘big news’ hitting the front pages later tonight that Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski tendered their resignations since last Thursday (the National Security Council met on Friday so that could put some validity to the date) and expect to demit office by August 7th, understand clearly why we make things complicated. We don’t ‘manage’ complexity, we ‘create’ it.

Today the PM called a special cabinet meeting and addressed the press after, but as I couldn’t hear it on the television I could be talking out of the other end instead of making sense. But what could she have said that would have made the situation any different? Did she not appoint a Minister of National Security who went against Gibbs from day one? Did he not side with the lazy-ass Police Association debunking the 21st Century Policing Initiative? Did he not try to embarrass the CoP in a public forum? Did he not imply that it was time to axe the CoP?

So nothing new there – the writing was on the wall, or for a more contemporary take on an old Pharoah, “so Jack says, so it be done”. But to what end? Didn’t Gibbs give Jack a “bligh” by not investigating the bribe scandal involving Bin Hamam? I have no brief for Gibbs, but let’s be clear – show me a man who is charged with changing an organisation’s culture, but who can’t implement disciplinary action, and I’ll show you a figment of your imagination. No commissioner of police in Trinidad can successfully fight crime when he can’t whip his men into shape. We have coddled police officers in this country for too long while they hide in police stations, make the well worn excuse of “no vehicles” when you call for help and quick to beat you bloody for nothing.

On Friday July 27th I was walking along Sackville Street in front of the Attorney General’s office a few minutes before 1:00pm and the policewoman stationed in the car at that location was fast asleep. Twenty-two years to the day when the old Police HQ was bombed by the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen and a police officer was asleep in a car at the very spot while on duty… That speaks so much of where we have reached. Did the irony even enter her mind? Or should it be called the ultimate insult to those who died that day?

So Gibbs is going/gone and another fool will be appointed with the same old talk about “winning the war against crime” and the Police Service Commission – that archaic and colossal waste of time will be right there doing nothing but frustrating the man/woman mandated to do the job. No complex issue – very simple. The CoP should be elected into office by the population, he should have full executive control over his troops hiring and firing as he please and he comes back to us after a fixed period asking for the opportunity to continue into office. We decide on his success or failure, not politicians…

Plenty ramajay until August 7th and I predict failure no matter who’s there. We have to get the fundamentals right – I’ve written many a post on this same topic and my position holds…



  1. I feel your pain, bro… and I ent even living there.

    • I wait patiently to see the interview some Canadian newspaper or TV will eventually get with Gibbs or Ewatski…

  2. Yuh eh take no photos of dat sleepin duncey?! Like yuh fraid licks or what? ;)

    • If ah ‘fraid licks? You bet! Getting my ass thrown in jail on a Friday afternoon on some trumped up “security threat” charge would definitely see me getting some blows. While I can go toe to toe with the best of them when it comes to arguing a point, there’s an official charge here called “using annoying lanuage” which is reserved for people like me who dare talk back to the bullies in uniforms…

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