Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 1, 2012

A More Apt Ministry

Well Jacko is very much in the news since Wednesday, but I’ll stay out of that particular issue since there are much more qualified commentators already on it. I have another train of thought that has been occupying me since the PM had indicated she was doing the realignment/reconfiguration/shuffle thingy…

My choice as a ministry for Jacko would have been “Ministry of Lyrics and Ole Talk”. Not for the life of me can I understand how Jacko has gotten the reputation of an action man. Can *anyone* tell me what he has done in the last two years compared to what he said he was going to? Now I subscribe to the old saying that one doesn’t get into an argument with someone who buys printer’s ink by the barrels and also the more contemporary one of don’t argue with a guy who has a microphone in his hand, but….

Now Jacko doesn’t buy printer’s ink, but microphones are certainly stuck in his face on a regular basis. And seriously, the man have lyrics… (Trini slang for quick-witted replies usually with the intent to deprecate an opponent or laced with biting humour) and ole talk for days. If he wasn’t a politician and of questionable character, I’d lime with him – he looks like he could keep up a wake (another Trini slang for being the life of a party or any gathering).

But apart from a TT$7 point something billion dollar project that has everyone salivating a bit (no seriously – billions eh, it have enough for all…) and which commands the most attention, why couldn’t we see improvements in everyday commuting life?

1. Why can’t the bridge by Trincity Mall be extended to accommodate the three lanes of highway that approaches it and continues after it? An annoying bottleneck that looks like everyone has forgotten,

2. Why can’t Munroe Road (in Chaguanas West constituency) be paved seeing that it is a major artery between the UB highway and the Southern Main Road? When I moved back to live in Enterprise that was my route coming from PoS, but I gave up…

3. Why can’t Jerningham Junction Road (still in Chaguanas West and my new route from the highway) be upgraded from the single lane bridge to Bridel/Endeavour Road so as take some traffic away from Munroe Road and the congestion at Chin Chin Road?

4. Why didn’t you just pave some of the main thoroughfares in this country? There was a big ceremonial opening for PURE a few months back in Rio Claro but I haven’t seen a paver in central yet.

5. What happened to the Licensing Office move to the old Caroni distillery? Oh, you lost that portfolio a year ago…

6. What happened to the plans for flooding in Port of Spain that you spoke about since Christmas 2010?

7. Why didn’t you think of the small things that the best Minister of Works this country ever saw (Sadiq Baksh) concentrated on that had immediate relief to the travelling public because it was just plain common sense? Maybe because during his term oil was US$20 a barrel and he didn’t have TT$7b to spend?

8. How many MOW employees were reprimanded/suspended/fired for signing off on shoddy work that contractors did and were handsomely compensated for?

9. What did you do about the allegations of corruption against Roger Ganesh and his close relative that has expanded his business ten-fold or more since working for the MOW?

9.5 Lord, this could go on whole night!!

10. After rebuffing the CoP in public about not seeing policemen on the highways to keep the lawlessness on the road to minimum, why up to now there is no legislation for using radar guns to detect speeding? A one man job that can have an immediate impact on the dotishness that passes for driving in this country, but absolutely nothing.

Yeah, my evidence tells me what so many people can’t see… Jacko is a pseudo-populist who knows his crowd are – even if they don’t know it themselves – fascinated with what Gwynne Dyer described as “big-man” politics. The idolising of a mere man who is deemed as a “success” and one capable of moving mountains but in reality a scourge on the developing world and the reason we wallow in mediocrity while our “leaders” get rich.



  1. I wish I could shake your hand… or buy you a beer.

    • I was gonna come out like Anderson Cooper, but have to remain in hiding for a bit longer. With Jack as Minister of Security I could be lost in jail (and they still beat prisoners here…) for daring to be a critic.

      Call my name when you are having some of that English beer my friend… :-)

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