Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 24, 2010

Battlelines Being Drawn – Updated

** If you saw any televised news on Friday night, or  the front pages of any of the three dailies on Saturday morning, there is no need to say/write any more to justify my position. (Ohhh… Marlene is worth her weight in gold to Patrick’s cause and the frightening antics she indulges in). Don’t say you were not alerted to the possibility. **

It is becoming clearer from Patrick’s no answer-answer in Parliament last Friday and the lead story in today’s Express (see link below), what I wrote about a year and a half ago is becoming to come true.

I’ve told people that the next general elections in this country will be fought based on a religious divide rather than the tired old racial divide. (This makes Panday even more irrelevant in the scheme of things as opposed to Kamla who grew up both in her mother’s faith – Baptist – and her father’s – Hindu). Patrick is a true politician and you see it in Marlene’s rapturous gestures behind while her leader is on his pulpit. (In case you missed the adoring look of John Jeremie at his side while he was beating the other side to a frazzle, hope that they show it again – priceless…)

So my favourite 300,000 people in Trinidad – how yuh feeling now that your taps are running dry and your PM (not your party) has different priorities to yours? But you knew this all along, didn’t you? I know that the temptation is strong when you enter that polling booth (as described by Selwyn Ryan) to vote tribe rather than reason, but in the next rounds they coming prepared – they are telling you to take your god and religion in the booth with you and vote against the ‘heathens’ who don’t understand the true path to salvation.

Lord (and he doesn’t wear a balisier tie nor UNC pin), help us…

p.s. – As a side story: Yesterday I was coming up from south with a vendor who was catching a flght at Piarco and I decided to pass through Caromi/Kelly way. Bad decision as the traffic was moving a bit slow. In keeping with the tone of the post, a guy driving PCN 3910 a bluish grey Nissan panel van (pulling bull too) was overtaking the line of traffic twice around corners (by Walker Park and Railway Bar). Why? Because on his back glass is Psalm 27 – “The Lord is my Light and Salvation, whom shall I fear?” Apparently, he thinks that, literally, he doesn’t need to fear – even the vehicles coming at him around the corner… What an idiot.



  1. Manning does not care about God or Trinidad…Manning just cares about his only God ie “Patrick Manning”

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