Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 29, 2008

Christian Fundamentalism vs. Democracy

The Honourable Minister of Planning, Housing and Environment, Dr. Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde (that’s a mouthful) probably revealed one of Patrick’s secret agendas in the Senate this week. Soundly condemned by the Express editorial and Independent Senator Dana Seetahal, the Minister was expressing her religious beliefs, in Parliament, in a manner unbecoming of an MP who is under oath to perform her duties in an impartial manner.

So, she’s a Christian with a capital ‘C’… and she feels ‘under attack’ by the Equal Opportunities Act… To make matters worse she went even further to espouse her belief in that the only true way  to salvation is through Jesus Christ. In a diverse country such as TnT, them’s fightin’ words ma’am.. I wonder how your Cabinet colleague, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid felt when he heard that? As a Muslim the first Kalima he recites states that there is no God but Allah, but I don’t think he will stand up in Parliament and say that people who accepts Jesus as their only salvation are wrong.

What is Madame Minister’s claim to fame and where did she come from again? It makes one wonder if Patrick chose some members of his cabinet simply because they hold a religious ideology similar to his? I’ll come back to this later. Did the Minister’s qualifications include membership in the Prime Minister’s church/congregation, or did they meet in the dead of night like other fundamentalists with dark plans? Whether it’s Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other religious fundamentalism where superiority over ‘others’ come into play, we are in dangerous territory.

Anyone remember Patrick and his Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs? Something is terribly wrong when the future ‘pastor’ is already crossing the line between state responsibility and personal ideology. The five fundamentals of Christianity include the inerrancy of the Bible, the virgin birth, the first and second coming and the belief that salvation can only come only through faith in Jesus Christ. I have absolutely no problem in people’s religious beliefs except when it is conflict with justice and natural law so don’t even start to think that I’m a bigot.

I see threads of arrogance running in quite a few of the female members of Patrick’s Cabinet now – Hazel, Bridgid, Marlene, Karen, Paula, Esther and now Emily. And if the common thread is because of religious beliefs, we are in serious trouble. Another manifestation of Patrick’s dictatorial streak for there is none so zealous as a religious zealot. If he wants total and complete obedience, he knew where to get it… Imagine if they all think like this:

“…fundamentalists have a loathing of democracy when it applies equally to others. One bitter fundamentalist had said, “democracy is the cause of all the world’s problems… humans are under the law of God and thus they cannot do anything they want nor speak anything they wish to speak… democracy ultimately started with Satan… we can’t rule ourselves, God must rule us”


I dug up this picture I got in a typical circulated email when the Wallerfield development works began a couple years ago. The person who originally mailed it out swore it was real and not a doctored picture taken at the intersection of Cumuto and Eastern Main Roads. Some people think that religious fanaticism is only about Muslims, but if you hear some Christian preachers out of the US and carefully read this sign, it is apparent that it exists in other religions too…

The Message

The Message



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