Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 3, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

I saw Anil Roberts on the CNC3 Early Morning Show with Hema Ramkisson today and it really hit me how much trouble we are really in… Now I don’t really look at Hema in the morning any more because she has allowed her bias as a former employee of Jack Warner to affect her objectivity, but Fazeer went to a break.

The minute I looked at had Anil trying to justify stupid statements about the ‘6% of premium fuel users’ by being more stupid saying that the use of premium fuel use in a vehicle is more a ‘choice’ of the owner than anything else. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! to paraphrase the only thing he’s known for – a big mouth that would be better shut.

The use of premium fuel in a vehicle is by choice? The manufacturers and their engineers made some very specific instructions down to placing a label at the tank lid and it’s optional? Talk about swimming or something Anil, this is way out of your league and that of your entire dumb Cabinet.

I’m typing this while keeping an eye and an ear on the first US Presidential Debate and I realise that the reason idiots like you can only talk ‘politics’ and not ‘policy’ is because your puny brain cannot comprehend issues and make critical commentary thereafter – only rah rah…

In May 2010 I held my nose and voted for the PP because the line up didn’t impress me and my instinct was right. Not much brain between you and your 30 odd cabinet colleagues, eh? You go boy – talking in a condescending manner to us certainly earned you points today, but personal opinion is that you should shut the hell up…



  1. I regret I miss these little charming incidents, as I live abroad.

    • Oh lord no… you are lucky because there’s a buffer from the stupdity. I am too close to it and there’s no escape – print and electronic media. I try to live by the maxim that “he who angers me conquers me” and boy did Anil conquer me yesterday! You know that momentary flash of violent rage that engulfs all humans before sanity and a millenia of civilisation intervenes?

      Tried to comment on your Bloggerspress article this morning but can’t log back in…

      • Contact the Cap, he’ll sort it out.

  2. Nice post… funny but true. Please post more often its been too long. For me this blog is required reading to check the pulse of things on the island.

    Trini in Norwalk, CT

    • Jaded and tired Ray, jaded and tired… I am actually out of the island these days driving around your country of abode enjoying the last few days of picture perfect fall colours.

      On the road a total of 18 hours in two days and didn’t feel it too much. Trip was really well timed and I forget all about my dumb politicians until I get to the airport for my trip back home. The sense of dread returns… :-)

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