Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 13, 2012

Working on 08/13/2012

I am really sorry, but a few WTF expletives ran through my head when I heard about this public holiday today. Oh my lord – another one? Three already in August wasn’t enough? The sad thing about it is that many Trinidadians actually *enjoyed* this stupid call by the PM. To be in power in this s**thole you really have to know your people boy…

Not that anyone will notice, but I’ll be working tomorrow. So it’s a “work” protest instead of a “go-slow” or “sit-down” protest, but a protest nonetheless. Doesn’t my government know how they make themselves the laughing-stock of the rest of the world when they do these stupid things? I’ve been trying for months to see a potential client and I had a confirmed appointment today… That’s gone through the crapper and I’ll just have to call and beg again for another chance to be slotted in on her busy schedule.

She may not even fly into the country on Monday as it will only be a wasted day and I couldn’t help but think how many other people have been so inconvenienced. Business people flying in to look at these famous “opportunities” the government try to sell to the outside world… the people who had visa appointments at embassies… medical appointments at doctors/clinics/hospitals… People like me who had meetings… Companies that had tenders closing… The list goes on, but you get the picture – just a reinforcement of our third-world, banana republic mentality where everything is about playing to the masses. The US won over 100 medals, and while they will honour their athletes, they are already preparing for 2016.

I saw one comment on Facebook that sums it up – “In honour of men’s hard work and dedication, we got a holiday to do what we do best – nothing“. The rest, of course, were quite happy about getting the holiday. Majority rules…

Congratulations to Keshorn, Lalonde, Ade, Deon, Jarrin, Richard, Keston, Marc and Emmanuel – you’ve made our country proud. Forgive me if you think it was disrespectful that I chose not to “celebrate with a public holiday”, but it’s the principle of the matter.




  1. Agree 150%.

    Had the following conversation on FB:

    Person: “Holiday or no holiday? That is the question!”

    Jumbie: “Allyuh have too many… drag one or two off the calender. … make dat about 6, oui.”

    Person: ” u crazy! holidays give us something to look forward to”

    Jumbie: “look forward to the next morning to get up and give a good day’s work!!!”

    Person: “nahhhh”

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums it up.

    • Doesn’t surprise me… But we are not all like that (thank God!) and a business associate who called me this morning to vent said that our economy is not as simple as 40 years ago when calling a holiday meant minor inconveniences. We are structured vastly different now and shutting it down cause widespread disruption, but who cares? All we know is ramajaying to the crowd…

      I have a serious problem with religious holidays because of the irreverence of Trinis. Next week Monday is Eid-ul-Fitr and while most figures make our population of Muslims only 6% of total and I think it’s more, how can I not get angry about the more than 6% who will be drinking alcohol? On of the great ‘haraam’ to Muslims and we encourage people to stay away from work to do it.

      I want to have this conversation with a Muslim (other than my wife and her family) to see how they can justify “celebrating with the rest of the country” when they are being disrespected and ultimately insulted.

      • Good luck. :)

        Let me know the outcome, if you succeed.

  2. Eh? Such strong language i.e. banana republic mentality. You beginnin to song (aka sound) like me! LOL. I jelless oui! ;) Excep’ dat when i cuss deese people mentality dey does tell me tuh shut up how I from Englaaaan and all kinda gobarrrrrrr!! I’ve been called ‘tamasic’, malicous etc etc.

    People have disassociated with me, or merely tolerated me for my relentless attack on mentality. I see mentality as the prime obstacle to progress on dat banana rock. Well maybe daize what cause dee trouble – see – I’m not like KPB who go come rong and soft-soap ppl occasionally. I’ve never been in the habit of masturbating people’s egos to get dem tuh do what dey ought to do anyway – that’s a major disqualifiying factor for popularity or becoming a politician.

    So I wondered if you were located ‘on’ or ‘orf’ dee Rock? If the latter for how long. I’m interested because if you are orf dee Rock, it made me think that perhaps its only orf-dee-Rock people who take a certain different world view. Or if you (personally) are located on the Rock, then you have a unique legitimacy which is better than any afforded to me, to speak out.

    • On the Rock, Cap’n… I see you have softened a bit while my language has gone the other way over the years… :-) I still use your description “Donkey Rock” sometimes when I’m on the soapbox with my people…

      I see the genuineness when someone writes about their homeland in a manner that implies that they want to shake some bloody sense into people’s heads. That is quite different to what you see on the Express comments section – people whose only interest is to make “commess and bacchanal” (as if we didn’t have enough of that every day)…

      And if you read between the lines you can also spot the ones whose sole purpose is to rant and rave at the audacity of those who dared to change the status quo and vote “them people” into power. It seems after 167 years of indentureship and 50 years of independence, we still have “Indians” living here – they don’t belong generally and they certainly shouldn’t be in power.

      Sadly, most of them live in countries where what they write can be considered a hate crime, but they don’t see it that way. We need help. We need people to show us the path, not these “chisels” that seek to undermine what little we have built. And that’s the crux of it – we don’t understand when someone is trying to apply bitter medicine.

      • Yeah..ah probably sorfen a bit.. in so much dat tings going so orbitally ridiculous dong dey.. ah does have tuh wonder eef it’s healthy for me at all to let loose on deese ppl. Ah mean, at the end of the day I have to protect my own health and my time.

        Ayye, look, I had a good idea that all bloggers could do a unified t’ing. See here: Join up nuh so ah can grant contributor privileges. The idea is that only occasional hard-hitting blogs from your own blog you could duplicate there. The whole thing jess getting off the ground so – as with these things – nuthin there now.

        Keep up the hard work and good work – ah lot of people doh really appreciate how much it takes out of a blogger to think and up up these things. But we in the community certainly do appreciate. :)

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