Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 1, 2012

Pinky And The Brain

The subject was intentionally light-hearted before people started to think I was really over the edge and now a crazy nutter. (The fact that I started it months – if not a year ago – is probably a good measure of my sanity) But for the younger ones who didn’t know the cartoon ‘Pinky and the Brain’, Pinky didn’t know his left from his right and was an unwitting accomplice to the Brain’s many plans to “take over the world!!” (da da da daaaah!)

Now this was years ago when my children were very young and I watched cartoons with them on a Saturday morning as we vegetated our brains while bonding (they grow up so fast…) but it seems as if in the last two decades someone has actually made some steps to rule the world. And if you haven’t thought about the Chinese when I wrote that, then they are winning already…

With a substantial war chest the Chinese have spent money in every country that has some form of energy source that they can use. Right now it’s oil and coal, but I’m thinking that when this all runs out they may start burning wood. Their appetite for energy is well known. I’ve heard stories about the coal from Australia and it was mind-boggling…

But there is a more insiduous strategy afoot and it involves exporting their people. Now I’ve written about this before, but since when did we have open borders? The Chinese are everywhere and if they are ‘fleeing’ Communist China, how is it possible for them to be so loaded with cash that they either buy properties or open businesses as soon as they land here.

And if you are already living in one of the fastest growing economies of the world (and projected to be the largest within a decade as they pushed past Japan and now the second largest since 2010) why leave? The recent news about a clique of immigration officers selling citizenships to the Chinese, and we know about the gun licences from a few years back, gives credence to the old Golden Rule – who has the gold makes the rules…

My theory is that they are funded by the State – and not only for TnT, but all over the world. The Economist ran quite a few stories recently about China state investors just throwing money at any deals that come their way. The point is control, so due diligence is thrown out the window once they can buy something.

The question that we should be asking is, to what end? I’ve suggested control of the world resources and that’s certainly not a two by two plan… It will take strategy, people and money – and boy do they have money and people. Maybe when it happens it will be prosperity for all, but I doubt it.

I was reliably informed that a year ago when the PM celebrated her birthday a Chinese national was present who was introduced as a ‘good friend’ and the first reaction from my source was, here we go again. The recent revelations about a Chinese funded children’s hospital and awarding of the UWI South Campus to China Jiangsu is just a continuation of what Patrick did. I expect that we will soon hear of plans to open a Confucius Institute here and if you want to learn more about that hot topic just do a cursory internet search.

Sinophobia may be a worldwide phenomenon by now, but it is well warranted.


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