Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 27, 2012

B for Bogus

bMobile has the unique distinction of being personally branded by any wit who can come up with a caustic meaning of the ‘b’ at the beginning. I’ve heard the term ‘bogus’ mobile quite often and I think it’s quite apt.

After many years as a postpaid TSTT mobile customer and then bMobile, I finally fired them in the middle of this month before my new billing cycle started. I’ve been robbed many times – but the most prevalent is when I travel and the roaming bill comes after. I minimise my use as much as I can (I have to stay in touch with my clients) but I always get overcharged. When they decided to cap my rollover minutes, that was the last straw…

It took me nearly 18 minutes to get my phone off postpaid and to request prepaid service using their call in line even though I went to West Mall and asked them to do it for me at the bMobile store. The people there insisted that I call an 800 number and I was knocked from department to department. When I got angry and told them to cut it off now, they said they cannot promise a return of service (on my old number) as prepaid within three working days. As it was a Thursday I had to wait until the following week, but all they did was lose revenue for being vindictive.

But the question in my mind is why was it so easy for TSTT to allow me to leave? The old adage about it being twice as hard to acquire new customers as it is to retain existing ones meant absolutely nothing to them. This is not a very large market and Digicel has been eating at their base for some time now and TATT has acknowledged that mobile customers are practically evenly shared between both.

TSTT managers and workers are some of the highest non-energy sector paid people on this island and they are all a colossal waste of time. If this is a company that you have funds invested in, run. Their internet service had sucked and I fired them… their mobile service was crappy and I fired them too… I’m  down to a single landline at home when I had three before and yet still nothing. From over $1200 a month in communication costs now down to about $60 (I don’t use the prepaid phone) a month and they still don’t get the message. 

So I’m no longer green – I gorn red…


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