Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 18, 2012

An Educated Jackass

When I was a boy yay high I learnt from my elders if you send a devil to school all you got was an educated devil. When you listen to Roodal Moonilal PhD, all you hear is an educated jackass braying…

You couldn’t get a better version of a young Basdeo Panday (sorry Mickela) this week when you heard Mooni talking about ‘Generation Vex’, a slur on Generation Next who is the Panday slate in the upcoming UNC internal elections. Similar to Bas’s penchant of saying ‘corpse’ when referring to the COP, Mooni forgot his party mantra about ‘everyone having the democratic right to seek election into office’ and could only say ‘vex’ and how they have meetings with 10 people under a shed and a few stray dogs.

But it was good to hear you Mooni, because I remember like yesterday when the last internal elections were being held and you were part of the Basdeo Panday slate (and the only one to survive at all) and you were in a campaign meeting at Penal Junction and you called our current PM a drunk… How did it go again? You said that you heard the lady was somewhere in the crowd (she actually was) on her way to her own meeting, but because she was drunk got confused about where she was…

You see Mooni, unlike many people in Tnt I have a long memory of politics and politicians. And the same way Kamla forgot (or forgave) I didn’t. Your eyes betray the lust you have for power and no matter how much KPB tries to foist you on the population as a ‘future leader and PM’, she must be really confused to think that you ever will… All it does is reinforce the perception that she has bad judgment and makes bad decisions. A recurring theme of this administration. Ever wonder why you never score well in popularity polls Mooni?

So enjoy the next three years as a demigod, as all Ministers of Government do in this hell hole of a country that you and your kind have made it into. Your true calling as Opposition Chief Whip will be here sooner than you think.

Wine to the side…


  1. Good call

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