Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 2, 2012

Rah Rah Country

Our politicians already contribute to global warming with their never-ending yammering, but if you can convert the online drivel for what passes as ‘enlightened commentary’ regarding the same politicians, then we are all going to die very soon… I try not to get too annoyed anymore (and the paucity of regular postings can attest to that), but after hearing all the hogwash about Gibbs and his toy plane, I just couldn’t take it anymore…

1. Donna Cox went for maximum effect when she said the entire plane costs US$19,000 (the price of a decent sized foreign used car in Trinidad), but a cursory internet search will show that this figure is for a kit that probably can’t glide on its own.

2. It is obvious that Eddie Dallsingh spilled the beans because he was screwed royally by a former associate who preferred the stronger link between Gary Griffith and Dirk Barnes. Who else can walk off the streets and get presentation time for a pilot project unless you have a ‘contact’? Ent Colm?

3. The CoP Gibbs has authorisation to spend up to TT$1m, but John Sandy thinks that he should have asked first. Really, John? If someone has authorisation, they have authorisation – full stop. He was ill-advised? Were you, or your Cabinet, not asking recently about what is the CoP’s crime plan? And you referred him to his boss? Oh, wait – that’s the Police Service Commission? Talk about a body created by a Constitution, but whose only purpose is confusion…

4. And what is the net effect? A whole set of rah rah over US$140,000 when really big money is being wasted on overseas trips with ‘contingents’, another light rail adventure, airport in central, campus in south, a highway to nowhere…

There is no greater force than the PNM in opposition (Lennox Grant, 2010) and the missteps by this administration has done two things: made the PNM look better than they really are, and put themselves continually on the backfoot defending against the bouncers – to use a cricket analogy – instead of governing. Clarence Rambharat had an excellent article in last Monday’s Express and if you didn’t read it, visit the link below: (Reminds me of circa 2001 with Bas and the trio of Maraj, Maharaj and Sudama. Bas remains the unforgiven because of his stupidity in not fixing that and this PM  is heading down the same path [and who was her guru?] with El Jack…)

But let’s get back to the Police Service and the Police Service Commission. My position on this matter has remained unchanged – the Police Service cannot be fixed unless we get rid of the PSC… The intent by Eric Williams was to protect civil servants from politicians and then the PP appointed a politician to the PSC. Thank God he took care of himself through his dotishness… But are we better off with an academic? Ramesh Deosaran is no different than any other academic who has a passionate interest in the subject matter, but a dispassionate aloofness about those affected by the subject matter. Yes, he can talk about crime all he wants, but as far as I am concerned he couldn’t care less who lives or dies… What has he or the other US Professor done for big money that has yielded any results?

So how do you solve the management of the police service when the CoP can’t discipline anybody? I could walk in as a consultant and say get rid of the PSC, hire a CoP that has to go through a stringent recruiting process – or even elected like in the US – give him the power to run it so he can achieve his objectives and then fire him/her if they can’t… Talk done. Then you may see these buffoons who are no more than bullies and goons in uniform either doing their work or getting ready to walk.

Ask yourself why no consecutive government has made an attempt to do this logical fix and then you realise we are in serious tata… And so I end my rant found guilty of also contributing to more ‘rah rah’…



  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s like a broken record and deja vu all over again. Promise this, change this, reform this ; but when elected, it’s as though they suddenly had amnesia.

  2. Nice…

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