Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 25, 2011

Still Too Sensitive

I’ve been out of the island for nearly a month now and I can say without fear of adverse comment – I really don’t read TnT news when I’m not there. It’s too depressing, so why bother? In a conversation with my mother, however, I heard about the problems she was having about water and went online to learn more.

In what could be considered a ‘sensitive’ issue for both WASA’s CEO Ganga Singh and MoPU Emmanuel George, their comments regarding the main reason for the water shortfall was enlightening… It is common knowledge that the supply of water has been severely hampered by the inability of Desalcott to get their plant up and running again, yet both men claimed to “not know the actual details” of the problem.

Let me put it in perspective and you come to your own conclusions… Stung by persistent reports that they were both in collusion with Hafeez Karamath and the questionable deal of WASA and Desalcott, what they cannot state publicly is that they know Desalcott (through the cheapness of the deceased and roasting in hell Hafeez) has been lax in their maintenance of the plant over the last decade and more. I swear that they probably stuck some things with spit in there just to eke out what the plant can produce and give no thought about preserving the asset.

And this should raise some alarming questions… Most important one being, is this plant on a BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer) contract with WASA and at the end of the term they are saddled with a piece of junk? WASA religiously pays Desalcott its fees every month in the millions but how much goes back into maintaining the plant is questionable.

In another revealing comment by the Minister (as was reported), he is not too interested in what is deemed to be a crippling water supply problem for the simple reason that if he had to do everything he may as well be WASA’s CEO. reinforces the point that Ganga is still running the show.

First post in about four weeks and what should really be my second to last… (I’ve always said that the day I leave Trinidad for good I will have nothing more to say, but that day has not arrived as yet…)



  1. OK I’m no engineer but here’s my take… every year the Diego Martin Valley and the Caroni plain is flooded with run off from the Northern range. There are thousands or acres of land on the Caroni plain i.e. abandoned sugar cane fields. Surely we could build some manmade rivers to re route the water to a 2000 – 4000 acre manmade reservoir on the plain… this could be used for fishing, and other water sporting activities as well as a supply of year round drinking water after being processed as a water treatment plant.

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