Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 23, 2011

Small Men And Big Money

The showmanship of the PSA President (?) Watson Duke was again on display for all the news houses yesterday as he literally ‘tote bags of money’ from one bank to the next. And it begs so many questions, you wonder what’s the real agenda.

First off, we don’t know who has the authority right now in the PSA as I am not privy to their constitution. As far as I understand too, this issue is in the courts waiting on interpretation. And if there is ambiguity in authority, why were the accounts not frozen until it was sorted out? I really feel institutions change the rules based on who makes the most noise yes…

Second, why cash? Seriously… cash? In bags? If this was not a stage-managed affair, call me dunce and place me in the back of the class. Some commentators have already piped up that if cash is withdrawn and then deposited some could go missing (and that is true), but I don’t agree that it can’t be traced. There is a withdrawal slip somewhere in FCB and there will be an account opening balance at RBC which can be audited, so let’s discard the notion that it was to steal.

A manager’s cheque will be quite fine to close off an account, but then you won’t need the other actors and props such as plastic bags, would you? As a matter of fact, it’s a one man/woman operation… You close the account, get your cheque and walk across the road. (The other comments about wire transfer is irrelevant since there’s no account at a receiving bank to send it to).

So Watson – well played… The news houses lapped it up and no one asked you any questions at all – even the part where you said that this is “union members money that has been saved for them”. Really? You are saving dues that are payable to the union by members to what? Pay them back? Hogwash. The money belongs to the union to use in the interest of the members.

This whole scenario reeks of when small-minded men think that other people’s money is their own. Sounds familiar based on recently revealed events?


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