Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 22, 2011

Connecting The Dots

Been there, done that…

Michael Carballo was on a roll for the last two days exposing the innards of a greedy animal feeding hungrily at the trough – and it wasn’t pretty… I assume that Duprey, Monteil, Sakal and Leid will all have the opportunity to tell their side of the story, but somehow I think they won’t and prefer to sue for libel and slander instead. Small bet between friends?

Here’s the post I did two years and four months ago when Gita’s bounties first came up as part of an investigative report. (I still found it funny when I read it because US$35 or US$45k a month with a US$2m annual bonus still makes her a very attractive woman… :-) )

But this is a long-term problem that goes to the root of criminality in this country. The white-collar criminals have a field day and not brought to book so it makes the smaller guys envious. How many “businessmen” caught with questionable cargo on the port has been named in the news? How many monied men and women have had their cases dismissed or going on in perpetuity because of their million dollar lawyers? How many greedy men and women like Duprey et al have made jail? How many developers have made smaller homeowners life a living hell and hauled before the courts to correct their failings? How many times have you heard the “difficulty in prosecuting cases” when it comes to the big fish, but the small fry fill the jails?

Don’t try to fool the brazen ones with a gun in their hands. They know that they are petty crooks when it comes to the politicians and businessmen who steal millions and even if caught there are no laws to ensure a conviction. They know and they see, just like me, that one rule applies to them and another applies to the monied class. We are in serious trouble and yet still no one sees…



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