Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 18, 2011

Pressure Does Buss Pipe

In the unique way we speak, a common response to “how yuh goin?” is “pressure!” And continuing in this vein the rebuttal is, “pressure does buss pipe”…

I looked at John Bansraj sleeping in a car given to him by a kind donor (I don’t know if the car runs) since his house has become uninhabitable and I wonder at the way people suffer in this country simply because no one cares. The painful part about this is through the sheer incompetence of a public utility in undertaking a simple pipe repair job. The pressure that broke the pipe rained pressure on John Bansraj by making the land where his house sat unstable resulting in the near collapse of the structure. Now just in case you didn’t know, a government appointed politician is the CEO of WASA who has money oozing out of his hands (provided by an IADB loan via a government guarantee), drives a million dollar vehicle and tours the world on ‘company’ business and here we have a man who lost his house and sleeps inside a donated car. Is this world fair or what?

To make matters worse, the current CEO has been suspected of having dirty hands since his days as a Minister of Public Utilities in the UNC administration, was investigated by Bob Lindquist (the full report made available to the public via an Express expose by Camini Marajh); was saved by the PNM as he was, as the accusation goes, selling insider information to Patrick Manning directly and still got appointed by our erstwhile PM… And John Bansraj family sleeps in a shed – some of them on the ground – because there’s no space for bed.

I would hazard a guess (yes, call it racial profiling) that John Bansraj would have probably voted this current administration and what did he get in return? Just like the tens of thousands of people who go to vote in an election, what do you get in return but more ketch arse? Not the Ganga Singhs of the world though… Their political acumen keeps them rolling in the money, in the circle of power and always landing on all fours like a cat.

Do you think someone from the RIC (Regulated Industries Commission) will call John Bansraj and see if they can help him? I am sure John Bansraj doesn’t know that if he had called the RIC WASA would have jumped faster, but this world is not fair and you see it every day in this island…


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