Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 10, 2011

Defining A Nation

Tomorrow, September 11th 2011, will mark the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York. Executed by a committed group of terrorists with a precision and audacity never before seen, and hopefully never again, it resulted not only in the deaths of over 3,000 people, but changed the world as we knew it.

For Americans it was a strike against their pride. It was done on a scale that would terrify a nation and made them fearful up to this day, but it also brought to the fore what made them a great nation in the first place – heroism and patriotism. There is no denying that what happened on 9/11/01 bound a people even closer and will define a new generation the same way my cohort was defined by the JFK and MLK assassinations… Yes, two people versus thousands, but it felt the same way to us then. The key difference was the aftermath. There weren’t any wars to start, which continue to take lives, and a nation that built itself on the movement of goods and services became paranoid about any moving object or person…

I used to argue with my US colleagues and acquaintances that 9/11 had made them weak and fearful; that the terrorists had won, and they resented it. Now I don’t mean that they don’t need to be alert to the possibility of some group trying to do them harm, but the lengths they go to resembles paranoia more than caution.

It is my hope that after 10 years they will understand the world is still a dangerous place and in rooting out one enemy, there are others willing to take their place. The hot news today is that there is credible evidence of an ‘anniversay’ threat and it reinforces the point. The culprits are dead, the head of the organisation that planned 9/11 is dead and yet nothing has changed…



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