Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 31, 2011

The Saga Of Granny Quila

So how yuh feel? Apparently if you are a rude brat and yuh tell the Prime Minister she mudder sister is she aunt (plus some other obscenity laced racist comments and threats to shoot and bomb) you get a chance to meet the goodly lady! Jeez… who are the idiots advising our PM, pray tell? I can just imagine Suruj ‘Bellies’ Rambachan with his questionable Ph.D going into the analysis ably supported by the AG and the next Ph.D, Rudy Moonilal… Not that any of them are children psychologists, but since when a politician thinks he doesn’t know something?

So I went to the Express online today – God forgive me for breaking my own promise – and had a whale of a time reading the hate comments after my post. First off, I couldn’t have cared less about a foul-mouthed little girl who can’t wait to grow up, nor if the PM forgave her. My point was, why did the PM express a desire to meet with her? Does she really think that some form of rehabilitation was possible through a photo-op, or is it pure politicking? Does Geico really save you 15% in insurance?

The link that I posted to the article about how pre-teens and young adults have embraced a rude and crude internet culture also didn’t help to elucidate some of the already brilliant commentators…

But let’s get to the meat of the analysis. If Granny Quila is 14 years old it means she was born circa 1997 while the Basdeo Panday led UNC was in government. Almost everyone can attest to the fact that Trinidad in the period 1995-2001 was ripped open to a vicious type of politics similar to what is going on in the US now. In the simplest explanation possible, the change in the status quo led to previously hidden behaviour being supported in anonymity through talk radio and internet forums. In Trinidad the change was from an Afro-Saxon leadership of 39 years to that of a canefield Indo-Trini. Similarly, some pockets in the US cannot come to grips (after nearly three years) that a Black man is in the White House.

So if Granny’s parents were in any way politically inclined in the way described, she grew up in an environment where it was unacceptable for any other party to be in power except an Afro-Saxon one – read: PNM. So after Patrick’s PNM  ‘renaissance’ years of 2001 to 2010 (ages 4 to 13) when everything was right in the world, the shock that the parents had in May 2010 translated to the young ‘un. Not only an Indo party, but by a woman too? Lord, help us… Simmering resentment because of the ‘anguish’ in her immediate environment and an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex manifested itself in the now infamous video that everyone has heard of, if not seen…

Have you ever gone to see a horror picture and they use children as the vessel of evil? It freaks me out more than usual in this type of genre simply because we expect children to be innocent. When it is proven otherwise it shakes our preconceived notions of what should and shouldn’t be. I mean, when I saw the video and heard the vile things coming from the mouth of a supposedly innocent child, it shocked me. Some people refuse to admit that, but while I am ‘worldly’ it does not mean I am numb.

The icing in the cake was the PNM political leader wannabe, Dr. Amery Browne (who apparently has a sixth sense for anytime a camera starts up) there to provide ‘support’ to his constituent. Really, Amery? Could you have jumped any faster to a conclusion that attempts to make the PP look bad? Words have abandoned me…

Eid Mubarak people! May the lessons of the fast during Ramadan stay with you for the entire year…



  1. The typical Trinidadian/Tobagonian is a rubber-lipped, gum-bumping buffoon, clearly devoid of basic intelligence, and/or basic education; eager to venture opinion on matters in which s/he has little understanding, training or education. To make it worse, they demonstrate little evidence of critical thinking. And I say this with the utmost regard for the evidence they provided to justify this opinion

  2. One of my better readings on critical thinking is Peter Facione (Critical Thinking: What it is and Why it counts) and there is a great quote in there taken from The Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice:

    “Very few really seek knowledge in this world. On the contrary, the try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds – justifications, explanations, forms of consolation without which they cannot go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind because the answer may annihilate both the question and the questioner”

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