Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 27, 2011

Ole Talk = Performance

It is about time I countered this “chupid talk” about Jack Warner being the “best performing minister”, because the only way he can lay claim to that is if by performance we mean ole talk…

Best dictionary meaning (for me) on performance is, ‘the execution or accomplishment of work’ so what has Jacko accomplished to date?

1. Going to build a highway to Point Fortin, but can’t get financing. Talk around town is the $1.6b paperboard cheque was just that – paperboard. The amount of money transferred to NIDCO was only $67m.

2. Building three lanes from Chaguanas to Guayamere, but the only thing you see is sand in the middle of the highway. Is the intention to point the vehicles straight to the pillars of the three walkovers, or are they going to be knocked down? All this is Jack’s constituency so I am assuming that he polled his constituents and they don’t need them.

3. Since April he’s paving streets in Caroni East. Not one paved as yet. Munroe Road which is in Chaguanas West and Railway Road in Chaguanas East are both nightmares.

4. Can’t make up their mind on how to fix the South bound lane of the UB Highway between Caroni overpass and Munroe Road. Mill and fill yesterday, milling today, paving next week…. (The reason for this rant is the jackass contractor (Coosal’s) decided to block two lanes going South this morning, put everyone in one lane and the resultant chaos with police sirens every 5 minutes clearing a way for prisoners). What was even more appalling is our attitude as drivers – the North bound lane had traffic backed up from Guayamere river to Freeport simply because they want to see what’s going on the other side! Jack is not insisting that they work at night…

5. Making wuk for his contractor friends. A deep south company with more equipment than the manufacturer of said equipment is said to be making the sand king of south-central resorting to advertising on the TV as he was set up by Jacko. (He only playing with sand on the UB Highway while the other is poised to get all the civil works with OAS)

6. And why, pray tell are we milling reasonably good asphalt now at this location instead of fixing that atrocity of a highway from Tarouba overpass to the end of the SH Highway? Worst piece of highway construction this country must have ever seen. I wonder if Seereeram Bros. still get work.

7. A 60 day “comprehensive” plan to alleviate flooding in PoS with billionaire wannabe heir Kamaluddin Ghany since last December and apart from Roger Ganesh son-in-law (another bacchanal) de-silting rivers; I haven’t heard anything as yet. Maybe I can’t count to 60?

8. Always revealing “more at the appropriate time”, but then backs down with an excuse about lawyers’ advice.

9. Chafing at getting his ministry cut down and only sniping and throwing picong. Be a man… Buss files or get out of the way.

10. Legalise an illegality… There’s a reason Licensing office put an ‘H’ on a car. Coming after to say “we will find a way to regularize PH” when the process is already there is the depth of stupidity. If you want to work taxi, you drive a taxi!

11. Passing a law to ban cell phone use in cars citing studies done and international standards yet idiots can drive around all of Trinidad with speaker boxes pointing out of their vehicle’s windows (as the decibel level will kill them) and that is not a danger in operating a vehicle? The latter is not done, and cannot be done in First World countries, so the use of cell phones become the major concern. If you can’t even think about this, but just want to emulate the developed countries, then you are rightly named Jack Ass-tin Warner.


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