Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 26, 2011

Ignominy In Death

If the Express newspaper could go any lower, it will be hard to do after today… I don’t know what else could be the point of the headline story today except for sensational effect and sales. Rickie Ramdass and his editor should hold their heads in shame, or more than likely, they may be lauded by their peers for exceptional journalism.

Here is a woman – Vonetta Haynes-Reyes – who was five months pregnant and killed in the most gruesome manner. And if that wasn’t enough, the killer also murdered her two young sons in like manner. For us to focus our efforts on catching this beast who walks among us, the Express decided that if the murdered woman was a feature on a singles web site, then it has to be a “sex link”. Is the story in any way going to help the police in their investigation, or was the intention the same as when they say “drug-related killing”? The effect was the same – dull people’s interest, and in this case, the outrage at the crime.

What a way for the woman’s friends and family to live now. To endure the pain of a brutal loss and now the stigma of a scandal. Bravo, Express, bravo… (I guess your lawyers already advised that the dead can’t defend themselves, right?) I won’t waste my $2 on buying this rag now and I won’t waste my time asking my fellow citizens to do the same. I’ve made my forays on their online site to post comments and that’s done too.


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