Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 3, 2011


The Express Editorial of Saturday July 2nd was fun to read… Without even calling a name, they were able to tell the COP members to make sure and don’t vote for Anil Roberts. Gladly (in my opinion) the unthinkable didn’t happen and the COP leadership was won today by Prakash Ramadhar.

Now I don’t particularly like the low numbers that I heard on the news, but for only 13% of the 38,000 people the party said were eligible to vote being interested enough to make the effort and do so speaks volumes of our ‘democracy’. People remove themselves from the system voluntarily and then make the most noise afterwards…

But back to Anil. I would love to see his concession speech, but he was the most polarising of all the candidates. His comments on any thing political had a thread of similarity that was frightening for someone who wanted to lead a separate and distinct political party, that is, only to ingratiate himself with the UNC. “I love Jack, but I despise Carolyn”, “Fire Mary, but keep Sasha”… (How Manohar Ramsaran could have done what he did last Friday was anyone’s guess, but if Prakash is that bad then the members will find out eventually).

What Prakash does to carry the COP forward will be soon manifest itself, but if Anil had won the remnants of a five-year old party would be quickly subsumed into the UNC. Up to now the idiots cannot understand that Diego Martin and the East West corridor will never vote UNC – holding their nose or not. The COP will be the only alternative to the PNM in those constituencies and if Anil wants to test that, let him proclaim he is a UNC and fight his seat in the next election.

A jackass was really only meant to bray…


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