Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 26, 2011

Those Who Can’t Do…

Before this is considered to be a swipe against teachers, let me state from up front that I think teaching is one the most noble of professions – if not the most… That being said, I also hope that you agree with me that a teacher should not only teach, but they should inspire. I am eternally grateful to those who inspired me during the course of my life and it includes everyone who had some lesson to pass on, even if they were not teachers by profession.

On the flip side, I am trying to wrap my head around what went wrong with the two teachers who ‘inspired’ my PM so much they were appointed ministers in her government, but one year later they had to be given the boot. Therese Baptiste-Cornellis and Rudrawatee Nan Ramgoolam were both academics plying their trade at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business when the PM was doing her executive MBA. It is assumed that they crossed paths and the PM was suitably impressed by either their qualifications or the ability to do ‘management speak’.

Now everyone who have heard Therese know that she can speak the language – she certainly knows all the buzzwords – but when saddled with the responsibility of effecting change, she failed miserably. I have never seen Nan on TV being approached for a comment on any issue so it’s either she knew how to sidestep them or she was as exciting to talk to as watching grass grow… I mean, the only time we ever saw her speak (and very few times at that) was in the House. And when I finally heard her, she was throwing picong from a prepared script. Talk about boring…

So what next for this new Cabinet? It looks bloated like a beached whale and while I was pleasantly surprised that the PM used some of my language (the difficulty in reversing decisions) she appeared unsure of herself and there was a distinct quiver in the voice. It was not far-fetched to think that she seemed under duress. I asked to see some steel and I didn’t… Jack is still there and no mention of the great internet journalist – Sasha Mohammed. They both had files to reveal it seems.

Forgive me, but I wanted to use some management speak myself and dispense with this stupidity about ‘competence’ that was so harped on tonight… And I say this because in my management speak, competence alone is not good enough. Competence is but just areas of knowledge, attitude and ability that distinguish you from someone else. To transcend this ‘curse of competence’ you have to be more… you have to be resilient, adaptive, possess intellectual agility, versatile… in other words – the ability to deal with changing situations in a complex world and not be paralysed by it (EIU GTI 2011)… (Methinks that the PM needs to be this herself much less to choose a Cabinet solely on the basis of competence).

So while we look for creativity in overcoming challenges, we get creativity in banditry and political intrigue. My initial reaction – nothing to get all excited about… But hope springs eternal, so let’s pray I’m wrong.


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