Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 21, 2011

All Lawyered Up

I haven’t posted anything here in this suffering blog in 23 days, but when you consider how many things have happened, or anti-climatically not, I am too old to keep up with this sh*t…

So after the police tracked down Sasha Mohammed and issued a ‘stern warning’, for her alleged cyber crime, her battery of lawyers (Ravi Rajcoomar, Kelvin Ramkissoon and former jailbird Jagdeo Singh) found a loophole and said that the police didn’t follow procedure. Serves them damn right too… ‘stern warning’ my foot… Amazing what you can get away with once you are connected. Pity the poor fool who probably did something less and will have to face a few months in jail.

And then there’s Jacko with his favourite sidekick Om Lalla. Now the fact that Om is Ian Alleyne’s lawyer makes him a comic too, but remember he was the first to accompany Sasha to the police station so apparently he is the on-call lawyer for everyone in the PP government. But back to Jack… Suspended by FIFA, he said that he was going to expose ’email correspondence’ between him and Sepp Blatter that will clear his name and then he shut his mouth. Now he has resigned from FIFA and Om says that he’s cleared of all accusations. Really?

But here’s my theory about the Blatter/Warner fallout and it has something more to do with construction than football. To be more precise, construction of a highway to Pt. Fortin worth billions of dollars and Sepp wasn’t making his usual commission. I mean, OAS didn’t just appear here out of nowhere, did it? The link was Jack Warner, FIFA and World Cup Brazil 2014…

Last but not least, Gary Griffith trying to make excuses under the guise of ‘security’ for the PM’s refusal to answer questions from reporters. You have it partially right Gary… the only ‘life’ under threat here is her ‘political life’ and the only ‘attack weapon’ the reporters are expected to use will be questions. Let’s not make it out to be any different, but the campaign waged by the PNM in 2010 saying that Kamla is weak is showing. She is now the Prime Minister and owes no one any favours while she was trying to achieve the position. If Sasha is an embarrassment, she has to go. If Jack is a liability, he has to go. Let him come with his files and deal with it…

Come on, show us some steel or regret it in a few years time. If you think, like all politicians, that it is more important to pander to the few that helped you gain office and not the thousands that voted for you, ask Patrick if I am lying… Talk around town for the PP is ‘one and done’… Precedent already set. If my IP is tracked I expect to get a stern warning too…



  1. Excellently put… I like this post.

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