Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 29, 2011

Apathy Of The Day

It’s been three weeks since I last wrote here and had to do something before the fourth year of its existence became ‘postless’… But, with a too short escape from TnT in there somewhere it really gets harder to write about the day to day kankalang that never slows down. I mean, if I can recall every little sound bite that’s been uttered I may go bonkers, so maybe it’s a good thing that I can’t.

The first thing that happened the week I left for Barbados was the Mary King affair. And that issue shook me because up to now I still cannot believe that it was so easy for someone to preach to others about their sinful ways and yet calmly and collectively think that the rules don’t apply to them. Is a mother’s love so blind? Acting as an agent to get your son a house using the official stationery of an Independent Senator and then overseeing a bid for a measly $100k? TT$? Talk about stupid of the century…

And then the big NP brouhaha concerning the PM and a family friend. Yes, maybe it wasn’t properly thought through about the implications of staying in someone’s house, but everyone conveniently forgot that the PP, and their leader, campaigned against the ‘Emperor’s’ excesses which included the palace. I remember her specifically trying to foist the house on President Max, who refused, and then telling the public that she had no choice but to occupy the house since doing otherwise will only be a burden to the State. In context people, in context…

I am also reminded of articles in two dailies after the PM’s birthday when she spoke about the best gift she got was a copy of a photograph of when her father was a young man. Describing how the family lost everything when their house burnt down and she never remembered seeing a picture of her father at that age, I think most right thinking people will understand her emotional state when she got the gift. After all the old talk about accepting ‘gifts’, can we then assume that the person who made the PM so happy will now be the beneficiaries of state largesse? Lord, I hope that he or she isn’t a contractor who bids for state jobs.

And in an objective twist – what is wrong with the AG that he has to get a legal ‘opinion’ on this matter? Lawyers… They always feel that everything can be explained by some legal ‘opinion’ thinking that: 1) we are too stupid to know that their very existence thrives on differences of ‘opinion’ and 2) that the law resides more in the heart of man than in the mouth of kings… You can get as much ‘opinions’ as the State can afford, but if a seed of truth doesn’t resonate with the public you are wasting our time and money…

So after all the tripe that passes here for ‘informed debate’, can you blame me for escaping to Barbados? God, I loved the two weeks there… Thank the Lord I didn’t have to pay to stay somewhere as I would have returned a pauper from that very expensive little island, but they really don’t cater for my income level. But no chatter about local politics everywhere you turn (they mention ours in the news), no jackass driving on the roads and no boom boxes in cars. A lot more I can say – some good, some bad – but compared to here it was so peaceful I wanted to toss my passport and claim refugee status…


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