Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 8, 2011

A Prime Minister’s Dilemma

I’ve written about this so many times I’m beginning to bore myself, but in the interest of a present day context (and for one of my children who doesn’t live here anymore but struggle to understand it) let’s do it one more time…

We exist in a twisted and convoluted political environment where, generally, the electorate couldn’t care about issues and are taken up more with ‘strong man’ politics; there’s a false perception that tribal loyalty will yield some sort of tangible benefit and we willingly give up our power to the people we have temporarily employed. This same electorate votes for a local government system that is then unceremoniously ignored in favour of an MP who can’t help them in the delivery of much needed services…

The MP in turn has no intention of representing his constituents in a legislature because all he/she wants to be is Minister of Government. Flying all over the world, invited to all the ‘big events’ and generally pandered to by all and sundry whether they are totally incompetent or not. Not surprisingly they get away with it because their constituents don’t look for them seeking representation in Parliament in matters that are thought ‘above their mental capacity’, but for local government issues that they can’t solve anyway! Convoluted…

But the purpose of this post is to describe the dilemma political leaders find themselves in, and which has contributed significantly to this never ending problem we have created for ourselves. At the screening of candidates for a general election it has always been the prerogative of the political leader to have the final say simply because he/she needs the loyalty of that MP to remain as Prime Minister if they win a majority. Patrick was a master at this and so was the Bas – now we wait to see how the first woman fares…

So here’s the problem: candidates are selected to fight an election, but they really want to be ministers and the PM has to give it to them to ensure their continuing loyalty. Because now that they are an elected member, they have this enormous power over his or her fate… In our current context we have a PM that has not shown any significant signs that she has of control over her ministers and can’t even utter the word re-shuffle… We also have a tendency for our politicians not to admit mistakes, so even if someone is totally incompetent they are kept in their position so as not to display poor judgment in the first place. More convoluted…

Pray tell, what ‘re-alignment’ can you possibly do for government to work better? What we need is what can’t happen. We need professionals who can do the job – not necessarily a management lecturer as Health Minister or an ex military man as Minister of National Security, but people who will do the job, or if not, they are fired. Why can’t we have people who really serve at the PM’s pleasure and dismissed summarily because they are not performing? Why? Because all the good seats are filled with those pieces of sh*t who because of ‘loyalty’ or some other ‘convenient’ reason are given the nod in the first place.

I wait with bated breath to see how this plays out because after nearly one year not much has happened…


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