Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 6, 2011

Asking The Right Questions

As the farmers’ protests intensified this week it was obvious that the PP didn’t have a comprehensive answer for their purported housing policy. And the farmers’ tails were up in the air because they knew something, but in their self-interest lost the opportunity to ask or ‘placard’ the right questions. The media for some reason were also part of the 9-day wonder and forgot what happened last year with land development projects being halted and so lost the opportunity to also ask some insightful questions.

So where the others fail, let me ask the questions…

If it is the intention of this PP government to ‘pursue’ a housing policy, isn’t it logical to that they need a land bank to facilitate the construction of houses? And if the land bank is available, does it not have to develop these lands with proper infrastructure? Please tell us then why 11 EMBDC projects (that were under construction) and could have yielded approximately 7,000 housing lots were stopped?

Now here are 11 project sites that were cleared and works already underway (no farmers, no crops) and projects cancelled. From what I understand, by researching before writing, is that four of the projects were re-started, but that still leaves seven… Contracts cancelled, works and losses have to be paid and the sites are now useless and you have a housing policy? And please do not tell us that those lands were not intended for constructing houses, but for VSEP Caroni workers or you will be digging a deeper pit for yourself. One, people will think that you do not care about the ex-Caroni workers and two, everyone should remember that the last PM (remember his lying arrogant ways?) had changed the plan and wanted to build ‘mixed-communities’?

In the absence of anyone to answer, let me behave like a mad man and answer myself… It’s called voter padding. D’Abadie was won from by the PNM with a mere 1100 votes and Chaguanas East is a restive place that can become a marginal again if there is any bad-blood between COP and UNC people. They are already upset about the current MP who was foisted on them (not belonging to either COP or UNC) and who talked the talk while outside of Parliament, but now is a piece of deadwood just enjoying the high life. So what say you now about your housing policy? The answer to the EMBDC projects were simple – while it would have been beneficial to the PNM who started it, it was of no use to the PP. I mean who needs 1200 houses in Chaguanas West and a similar number in Couva North? All the rest in south constituencies that are UNC strongholds… Really?

Shame on all our so-called journalists who can’t remember what happened just a few months ago so that they could have put Moonilal on the spot when he starts yapping about ‘policy’.


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