Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 3, 2011

Return Of The Bad Old Days

Boy did I choose a bad time to return to Central to live…

Getting into Port of Spain is a breeze – no worries as I leave early enough, but getting out in the afternoon is pressure! Yesterday was a criminal called Coosal’s who thought that the evening rush hour will be a good time to reduce three lanes into two from El Socorro heading east so that they can take up the temporary barriers with a lift truck.

Today it was a dumbass called Danny’s Enterprises who thought it’s not a problem to effectively remove one lane of highway from the Bird Sanctuary overpass heading south to the Blue River. Snail pace traffic from Barataria overpass until passing the construction work took me 75 minutes. My neighbour who went straight up to Piarco to get back to Enterprise took two hours and that was using the PBR… It’s 10:00 pm and there are miles of slow-moving traffic on the Southern Main Road still… People who thought that getting off the highway was probably a good idea.

Now let’s see if I can see how our erstwhile Minister of Works will spin this. Price of progress? A ‘little’ inconvenience for a better road network? Maybe he can answer this if he can. Why has Coosal’s not finished the works between El Socorro and Aranjuez as yet? Last I heard, it was to be completed last weekend of April and El Socorro lights removed. It still looks like they have a couple of weeks.

Why was a contract awarded to Danny’s Enterprises to repair the left lane of the UB Highway when the original contractor, Seereeram Bros., did sloppy work some years ago and got away with it. This lane didn’t even hold up during the contract maintenance period and if it failed since then the contractor was liable to make it good. Many ad-hoc patch work repairs (many contractors making easy money) over the last two to three years never held up, everyone get paid and now we have something new to try…

And why can’t these people work in non-peak hours, schedule the works so that useable roadway is available during peak and manage the traffic more efficiently? Is that too much to ask? Vinci built an overpass in the busiest intersection on the island and it didn’t have so much traffic as Danny’s caused today – and tomorrow, and the day after that. I dread having to go to work tomorrow knowing what I’ll have to face in the evening.

Like I said – reminds me of the bad old days of traffic. And this was when they probably had a few hundred thousand less cars…

CR East Bound from Ramp

UB South Bound from Ramp

Madness… Four lanes (including the boys on the shoulder trying to get into two) No police, of course..


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