Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 1, 2011

Tempus Fugit…

April has past me by and I was more than distracted by other things to really dedicate time to this blog. By sheer coincidence, however, my only post for the month was made on the third anniversary of NastyLittleTruths – April 14th. Time really does fly when you are on the other side of the hill and going down…

In trying to earn a living you really forgot about life sometimes – especially this ‘covert’ life of a blogger. Or did I not care that much anymore? True, we all get jaded as we get older – there’s not much that surprises us anymore and the fires that burned passionately in the fervour of youth has dimmed considerably. I still feel strongly about many things, but as someone once said, “the worst thing is to arrive at your destination and there’s no one behind you…”

In all that has happened last month though, the watershed moment was the division of the ranks in the Opposition benches after the motion by former PM Manning. Apart from those who ‘ducked and ran’ when it was time to vote… it was the utterances of the member of Port of Spain North/St. Ann’s West, Patricia McIntosh, which should be a lesson to all. Now here is an educated woman who has an important list of credentials and experience to her name (as listed on the Parliament’s web site below) but got confused on what ‘morals, ethics and principles’ mean.

Now it begged the question: can people be that wrong on the legal and technical function of an issue, not know the difference and think that they are ‘right’? And to add insult to the high ground of ‘morality’ lay the reason at that doorstep? How far does this idiocy extend? Are these people really our leaders or leaders in waiting? The tomfoolery doesn’t end there and you should just listen to Subhas Panday on the Reshmi Ramnarine ‘firing’ to know that Einstein was right, that stupidity is infinite…

The tiredness overwhelms me…

** Breaking News ** As I type this I see that the US is claiming that Osama bin Laden is dead and they have his body.



  1. I fully understand this post, since I have felt this way many times before.

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