Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 14, 2011

‘Legal’ Fees

If one of my children had done law and practicing with the right ‘partnership’ in TnT, I’d probably be riding a train through Europe about now… Unfortunately, I am still toiling to earn my keep and maintaining a lifestyle that’s by the Grace of God and not much else. Haven’t posted anything for this month because I’ve been trying to get a bid off my desk before Monday next week, but the news of the hour had to get here…

A Commission of Enquiry that should have cost the State about $10m dollars had a bill of $46m. Why? Because the subject of the probe – UdeCoTT – had a ‘right’ to defend themselves as stated by the then line minister, Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde, and not it seems without any limit on how much they can spend doing it. Another obscenity in the UdeCoTT saga. As if the obscenity of the ‘tsunami shelter’ wasn’t enough and summits and conferences, this one felt like a kick in the lower regions because there’s no one here to answer. Even the ‘esteemed’ lawyers with that $15m bill can’t justify their fees. No way, no way…. At least Andrew Goddard is accustomed to getting paid in Sterling! It seems as if Frank and Devesh were converting currency too!

And what about Michael Annisette? A man who had lost all his credibility as a UdeCoTT director and an ‘independent’ senator who’s all over the news about payments for his union members? No shame Mike? And as an aside, I saw someone asking the question – why didn’t President Max fire Annisette as quickly as he did Nizam? This was an independent senator – not a government or opposition one – appointed solely at the President’s discretion and he did nothing. But it’s Max… what’s new?

Too tired to argue this point again… I saw the raving lunatics going at it in the Express and I realised that you can’t debate with fools much less fools with balisier flowers covering their eyes.


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