Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 31, 2011

TnT’s Raw Spot

It’s that little patch of our world that no one likes to speak of and you tread there at your own risk. Yes, you guessed it – racism. If the unwanted Nizam brouhaha wasn’t enough to convince you how sensitive we are about this particular issue, let me remind you of the lead up to this…

Nizam Mohammed is an active politician that was recommended by the PP administration to head a constitutionally independent commission, and while vociferously complained about by the Opposition and this blog, the PP couldn’t care less. The appointment was so distasteful, the acting President (a political appointee) had to swear him in at a ceremony that looked like a covert operation and still the PP didn’t blink. In a typical ‘ah reach’ display of power and arrogance Nizam complained about two traffic cops who had the temerity to not know he was and the audacity not to care. His complaint to the CoP Gibbs and subsequent investigation in to the ‘conduct’ of the officers involved led to another howl of protest (and a media campaign by Fixin, TnT who were investigated by Special Branch police as a ‘threat’) and still nothing from the people who foisted him in this position.

And then it happened… Just like former Opposition Senator and now deceased Harry Mungalsingh who was fired immediately by Basdeo Panday when he spoke about abortion and voluntary sterilisation to curb criminality in certain ethnic communities, Nizam went into Parliament to talk about ‘ethnic imbalance’ in the Police Service. After the expected uproar, the PP is now making a move… Imagine that – after nonchalantly subverting the spirit of the constitution, condoning an abuse of power and privilege and a general don’t-care-a-damn attitude it took what most people took to be a racial view of the composition of the Police Service for the PP to act…

So the PM, who was responsible for his appointment, is now saying that it’s out of her hands and in that of the President (and she is correct) regarding revoking the appointment of Nizam. Something is terribly wrong with our system where you have the power to recommend – and the President must comply – but you can’t automatically expect him to revoke. If it teaches you one thing, it should at least teach you to very careful in who you appoint!

I have a very good Pres Boy acquaintance (he was a few years behind me in school) who has a story to tell about his foray into the recruitment process of the Police Service and it’s only now – over 25 years later with this piece of information coming to hand – that he has considered it to be one that was filled with racial overtones. He always thought that it was incompetence…


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