Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 21, 2011

Five Month Follow-Up On Fibs

I saw this tidbit mentioned in both Express and Guardian last Friday and exactly five months ago I was speaking about the hypocrisy of Stephen Cadiz and the PM on another UK trip…

Trinidad and Tobago is a diamond that needs investments to dazzle, said Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar as she assured London businessmen their money will bear fruit if invested in this country. She extended an invitation for businessmen to come to Port of Spain to attend the Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF) on June 13 and 14, which will be undertaken in collaboration with the Commonwealth Business Council. Yesterday, a business seminar was held at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in London where Persad-Bissessar, Trade Minister Stephen Cadiz and the local business delegation that accompanied the Prime Minister met with over 60 influential corporations and UK business magnates. Persad-Bissessar said this country is open for business and noted Cadiz described this country as a “diamond in the rough”.

Here is an excerpt out of my post of last October:

“And where is my beloved PM who makes all the right noises and yet this country is spiralling further into recession/depression. One of my acquaintances was telling me that the hypocrisy of the PM and Cadiz going to the UK to woo investors and he, as a country manager of an English company, is ready to pack up and leave! His company is already here and wants to leave! Who will be interested in coming when they make that public – and we are not talking about a small company, but a FTSE 100 business”

The company mentioned will be packing up by end of their fiscal year (June I think) and getting out as their losses through non-payment of outstanding invoices by ministries and state companies have reached crisis levels…

So in five months both the PM and Stephen “enjoying the ride” Cadiz have gone to the UK twice to “lure” business people to TnT and in one fell swoop this one company will make lies of everything said before. A sad story, but what makes it even more sad is that they actually believe their own lies being so disconnected to what is really going on…


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