Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 9, 2011

Carnival Oi…

When I speak to people about my dislike for Trinidad Carnival it’s as if I’ve committed some sort of heresy and a stake should be quickly erected to burn me alive.

But similar to the analogy I use for my clients when I ask them what type of car/vehicle they drive (that’s another story) I ask the ‘devotees’ if they prefer sex once a year or throughout the year. So take your mind of that track I inadvertently put it on with the preceding statement while I explain what I mean…

First off, why can’t the police ensure my safety every day of the year instead of only two? Why are my leaders only concerned about “bringing everything together” so that everyone will have an enjoyable Carnival Season, but couldn’t care less about ketch arse for the rest of the year? Why can’t my people have this energy and creativity throughout the year instead of once during the year? (I heard Anil Roberts saying during an interview that we are a productive nation and we will continue to be productive after the Carnival. He was probably thinking about all the hot air he ‘produces’ in Parliament because I’ve been around a lot longer than him and I don’t see it…)

And the calypsonians who sing from a position of ignorance and excuse it as ‘poetic licence’? I took in the offerings during Dimanche Gras, and believe me, some of the casual references they had made to the ‘problems’ they had issues with wasn’t based on fact, but on an interpretation of the actual fact devoid of any intelligence. Take Sugar Aloes for instance and his belief that this administration went looking for the Canadian Police Commissioner when they inherited a recommendation that came out of an elaborate recruitment system. Now the rendition of his two songs (in my opinion)was worth the first prize, but how can the PM give that cheque to someone who just insulted her and her government?

So it’s all over and the questions are asked: Was Chutney Soca Monarch worth $2m? Was Power Soca Monarch worth $2m? Was the Calypso Monarch worth $2m? And is the Road March really worth $2m? What about the $100m the PM purported was ‘invested’ in Carnival and without one shred of evidence suggested that it yielded $1b in returns? I have a resounding NO for all the questions, but then again I did start by saying I disliked Carnival, didn’t I?

And yet I am still waiting for money that at the end of this month will be one year overdue…

One last thing – maybe they will want to change Gypsy’s ministry’s name and drop the ‘multiculturalism’? I’ve always said that on average TnT is 40 years behind the rest of the developed world and this is another example. Multiculturalism is now a cuss word in Europe and most of the leaders there are now saying that it’s a failure. At the end of the day what it was trying to achieve never happened…

** Update – I forgot that there is one thing I absolutely love about Carnival… no traffic. I left Enterprise at 8:25 this morning (Thursday) and was on the Barataria overpass in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes… but it took me 12 minutes from the top of the overpass to cross the Eastern Main Road to head up Lady Young Road though…



  1. Multiculturalism is now a cuss word in Europe and most of the leaders there are now saying that it’s a failure.


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