Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 1, 2011

Democracy Or Division?

Last week I got kicked off the Express Online… It was a bit disconcerting at first, but at the end of the day it’s their website and their moderators (with whatever baggage they carry around) decide on these things.

My issue, however, is what exactly does the CCN Group hope to achieve by their perpetual anti-government stance? I am cringing before I write it, but Basdeo Panday had once questioned the agenda of the media and suggested that if they want to represent the people they should fight an election.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am all for freedom of the press and their right to report on issues they think are against the interest of the people, but there is a fine line that distinguishes that and actually believing that they have political power to effect change. Take our current style of parliamentary democracy as an example – something I’ve written about many times before. In the first past the post system it is possible for the government to be a minority, that is, they didn’t win the popular vote. The Opposition has absolutely no effect on how the government wields its power and can only oppose, oppose and oppose some more.

The media – and if you take a careful look at the Express and TV6 they actually believe that they have more power than the Opposition. They have never fought an election and have no mandate from the people to ‘represent’ them so the issue is, what’s their agenda? It’s not as if they actually have pre-determined policies and ‘manifestos’ so the people can decide if that is the ‘paper’ for them. And no, only repeating the mantra of “the people have a right to know” is not enough.

It is also obvious that my hero (should I be saying heroine?) Camini Marajh is a little pissed about how her exposes are not getting the desired effect on this thick-skinned administration – well, thick-skinned in some areas only. I speak of the five part or six part story on Ganga Singh, Emmanuel George, Hafeez Karamath and DESALCOTT that got absolutely no traction – even with the Opposition. And everyone knows that Rowley ain’t friend with Ganga… The continued ‘no new news’ about the SIA/Reshmi fiasco is starting to fade even though I whole-heartedly agree that the PM should be held responsible for that and should just fire Sasha to appease the masses.

But while the above may sound like being churlish for getting kicked off their online pages and can’t comment anymore (no, I won’t register under a different name), here’s where they went wrong… If you believe in democracy and freedom of speech, I have the right to express my views the same way the hardcore UNC and PNM fanatics do, except I am more objective. It is so plain the blind can see that pro PP supporters are given many thumbs down and the pro PNM writers many thumbs up – no matter what is written. I did not attack anyone on a personal level and I did not use any expletives – I was just trying to elucidate and bring some sanity to a madding crowd – maybe that was my mistake.

So, carry on Express/TV6/CCN… Speak about democracy and freedom of speech while you can’t accept someone having a different opinion to yours and continue to divide this nation as is clearly seen by the comments that do remain up.



  1. this is the same media group that is/was fighting the implementation of a new broadcast code that would seek to regulate the wholesale bag of foreign content they spew on a daily basis…

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