Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 23, 2011

The World Is Revolting

From Iran in 2010 to Tunisia just recently, then Egypt and now Bahrain and Libya… Apart from all Middle Eastern countries with their own particular forms of government ranging from monarchy to dictatorship to something that supposed to be democratic, what are we really seeing?

Gwynne Dyer in his book War (revised and re-published in 2004) had a very simple and cogent argument regarding the move from egalitarianism at the birth of civilisation and I’ve gone to town may times to make people understand why we love the charismatic and oratorically gifted leaders. We basically gave our power to the guy (sorry ladies, but in those days it was only the guys) who could have talked not only the most, but was able to convincingly say what we wanted to.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the underlying thread in these ‘uprisings’ is the people trying to regain their power… We can argue about how democratic a protest by part of a population is – even if in the tens of thousands – because we have to assume the number. Is it over 50% of the registered electorate? This is what the ‘process’ is supposed to guarantee, but when we see massive demonstrations we always assume that they are in the majority and the ‘supporters’ of the ruling party being the minority. Emotions and not math rule here…

But I digress… I was trying to connect the appeal of a more egalitarian society and the power of the internet. It is not surprising that governments all over the world have tried to retain control of the access to this rabble-rousing medium. They have always loved censorship because the ignorant masses are no different to sheep being held in check by one dog. The ability to see what is going on in another country or another part of the world – and the result – has ignited the fire in the rebels hearts. If they can do it, I can do it too…

Where will it all end is anyone’s guess, but lightening fast communication is here to stay and if our leaders want to earn our trust while they are given the opportunity to lead us, they have to learn to exist in this new paradigm. We certainly live in a bold new world…


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