Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 15, 2011

Cleaning House

In an interesting story printed in last Sunday’s Guardian, I am hoping that the PM is making some attempts to clean house… Here it is just in case you missed it.

After all the gaffes and fumbles by Ministers pf government you were probably praying for a re-shuffle, but you also had to be mindful that it couldn’t be too early as the PM would have looked like having poor judgment by appointing them in the first place. (You have gotta love politics and the intrigue, eh?) I was betting since last year that if it had to happen it will be the week before Carnival… Long enough to make a move and when people’s attention is elsewhere.

So a Senator who is a member of Cabinet is being probed – who could it be? Anand, Subash? The first has displayed a tendency to mouth off at everything and the second cleansed only because of his name? Nah, I think is the AG… The fact that he doesn’t have a ‘constituency’ per se and jumped ship from the COP makes him the best candidate to offer the public as the sacrifice to ‘good governance’. They are reeling and need to do something…

I was hoping that the article meant an ex-CCN journalist as I am sure Kams would love to see the back of Sasha Mohammed. This woman is being hailed as the ‘mastermind’ behind the Reshmi Ramnarine affair and for which the PP administration has faced the most severe tests in office so far. The sheer idea that a ditz like this influences our PM and government policy is mind-boggling – not to mention downright frightening. You gotta get rid of this one Madame PM – you know that and I am sure everyone else around you do too…

But even though we don’t expect you to jettison Winston out of Finance, the people must understand why he’s there. To say that his appointment was a stroke of political mastery is an understatement. The Silver Fox must be very proud of his protegé, for while he has filled the political cemetery with his ‘enemies’, you have politically killed a man who claims to be the leader of a party and controls one of the most ministries in the land.

For if the treasury is empty as claimed and hard choices must be made, won’t the brunt of criticism be levelled at Dooks? We certainly see it everyday… You have made him unelectable in the event he is brave enough to face the polls on his own again and for that your political brilliance cannot be underestimated. Time to use it again and clean house as ruthlessly as possible. You have nothing to lose – go for it.


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