Posted by: nastylittletruths | January 25, 2011

A Celebration Of Nothing

So yesterday was January 24th and I decided (against my better judgment) to attend the ‘celebration of the beginning of change’ at Rienzi Complex. Now before I actually write about my experience, let me mention two things I heard yesterday in the news that beg the questions about sanity and sense…

First was Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath – a senior lecturer at UWI and political analyst. When asked to comment on Kamla’s achievements in the last year he cited her success in moving the UNC from opposition into government, but couldn’t count properly… For a political analyst to make a fundamental mistake like not knowing how many seats constituted a simple majority in the House of Representative and also how many the UNC have by themselves was surprising.

First, his congratulations specifically mentioned taking the UNC out of Opposition saying that “they have more than the 22 seats required”. Wrong… The House of Representatives has 41 seats and a simple majority is 21. Second, the UNC has 21 MPs ‘affiliated’ but only 20 are UNC members. Errol McLeod is MSJ – a partner in the PP – and who went into the elections on a UNC ticket as a matter of convenience and recognition on the ballot. Stephen Cadiz is really YesTT, but I’ll count him as UNC since he was a member before. I’ll concede that the UNC could have a simple majority by themselves if they didn’t graciously give St. Augustine to the COP.

But the funniest part was when asked what was the worst thing she had done in the last year, he said her treatment of Basdeo Panday… Really? A man who fought a dirty internal elections, lost most ungraciously and is nothing but nuisance value now and she treated him badly? Now I know where Bishnu was coming from… He is one of those who still worships the Fox and resents Kamla.

The second news bit was the old fox himself… If you are a dead politician there’s one news house who could kick some life into you and that’s IETV. First it was Ramesh – always on the TV saying nothing about anything and now we have the old Bas who can’t pull himself out of his paradigm and still spewing hate and venom. He can’t go away graciously, can’t he? The the most insane part is that now he wants to serve the people – when he has no power. When he was in a position to do something he ‘couldn’t be bothered’ about people’s complaints regarding jobs, drainage, roads, etc., but now he’s helping for free…

So back to Rienzi… Just like last year on the night of May 24th, it was madness trying to get there. The southbound highway had traffic backed up midway between Freeport and Preysal overpasses. From the junction of Rivulet Road and Basta Hall, traffic backed up heading into Camden. Thankfully I know back roads so I was there without too much pain except for the highway – I just went to Claxton Bay and came back up.

When I finally got there it was a lot of uninspiring speeches and a way too long one by the PM. No, seriously, the woman spoke for over an hour and the faces of everyone on the main stage was reflecting sheer boredom – except for Therese Baptiste-Cornellis and a young guy sitting next to Fuad Khan who were very animated throughout.

The passion of a party like at elections time was not there and they all looked tired and ready to do something else. It got me thinking that here was a PM who was looking for an opportunity to whip her troops into formation after only eight months in office and this was an excuse for a fete… And I was also wondering about the crowd. I mean, there were a lot of people there – a lot, and based on the composition I’d say it was more for the lime than a showing of strength.

Not much of a muchness I’m afraid, but I think I went to celebrate the end of the Bas and where he stuck half of this population for over 30 years… And Kams had to pay the lip service of ‘that great founder of this great party’ for which the crowd went wild, but that’s politics…



  1. Bring back Mickela , or at least give Bas the right to advise them. He knows she doing sh**

    • No can do on either… Loyalty is important in our style of politics and MPs have considerable power once elected. (Remember the three in 2001 who brought down a goverment – similarly they can change the Prime Minister). My personal opinion, and everyone has the right to differ, is that Bas has outlived his usefulness. He is a bitter old man and his hatred for the person who has usurped his position has made him lose whatever objectivity he had left.

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