Posted by: nastylittletruths | January 6, 2011

Land Of Gods

Lord, please protect me from overzealous bureaucrats who pick on me for no reason…

Trying to leave Trinidad yesterday and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong – Murphy’s Law. I had one errand to complete before I had to go to the airport and what should have taken an hour ended up taking three. Needless to say it was a mad scramble trying to get to the airport so, admittedly, I arrived a bit frazzled.

When I saw the empty line at Caribbean Airlines a big grin was immediately on my face, but it all ended when I was pulled aside for a security check. Now it’s either people just don’t like me or I just have the worst luck ever. A dark-skinned woman of East Indian descent about mid forties or pushing fifty told me that I was chosen for a random check even though there was no one else there. Like really, do they have a quota to make? And if their ‘random’ is clouded by personal bias, isn’t it profiling?

My displeasure showed and my mistake was that I dared pick on this demigod who was a classic “give me a uniform and tell me I’m a boss and you don’t need to pay me to be on the job” case. Making me unpack my suitcase in public drives me nuts as I could never get it back in proper order so I was a bit nasty with my remarks. Big mistake… This short neck woman decided to flaunt her “security supervisor” status and saying that it hasn’t ended here and I will be taken care of by the security upstairs. Hint – maybe a full body cavity search?. Talk about an abuse of power.

In any event I was allowed to check in (place still empty) and proceeded upstairs to the departure lounge. I was ready to give up my place on the plane and get out of the airport if there was any indication that I was going to get a rough time of it upstairs, but it was not to be. Smooth sailing and I got out of Trini with a sigh and mental note that I should have known better than to test a demigod’s patience.


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