Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 15, 2010

Wasting Air Time

This is another boring lecture for one of the collectively stupidest organisation in TnT – the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. And I say ‘one of’ because of the support (?) they get from the politicians.

If you want to describe a waste of air time and digital memory during the photocall, think about the PM in the middle, the CoP Dwayne Gibbs on her right and Herbert Volney on the left talking about yet another ‘crime plan’. Throw in Subhas Panday, John Sandy and few more police jokers and the stage is set for another piece of theatre…

And to start the ball rolling is so simple, you have to wonder why the most important question is never asked by the brilliant and recognised journalists who gather around these events? Someone told me once that it was all about the feeling of being close to the centre of power and not wanting to have your pass revoked… Remember Tony Fraser in the Patrick days?

But I digress… Here’s the question: “If you, the Police Service, cannot control the lawlessness in plain and open sight, how can you even consider making an impact on the highly organised criminal elements who operate in the darkest hours of the night?” I am sure that Gibbs is well aware of the Broken Windows Theory proposed by James Wilson and George Kelling about three decades ago, so why does his police service still enjoy minimum visibility on the roads?

Here are some examples Dwayne:

“Playing a musical or noisy instrument in a vehicle – $1,000 fine” and yet countless complaints to the police and letters to the editor have not led to one delinquent being fined. The police can’t hear this, but we are going to solve crime.

“Using vehicle contrary to registration – $1,000 fine”, but minister Jack*** wants it ‘legalised’… The police can’t see this, but we are going to solve crime.

“Failing to comply – $1,000 fine”, but the Chairman of the Police Service Commission calls you to complain. The entire population understood what happened here, but you are going to solve crime.

“Breach traffic lights – $1,000 fine” happens everywhere, every time, anytime… The police can’t see this, but we are going to solve crime.

“Improper overtaking – $1,000 fine” everyday on the shoulders of the highway. The police are nowhere to be seen even where they know it’s a common practice, but we are going to solve crime.

Answering the call of a citizen in distress – priceless… The common retort by the rude policeman/woman who answers the phone is that they have no vehicle, but we are going to solve crime. And I have to come back to this once more – use of police vehicles as if it’s personal property…

My good friend from Enterprise keeps reminding me about the police vehicle she passes every morning at about the same time and place so the only logical conclusion is that the driver is using a marked vehicle to commute. Any morning between 5:35 and 5:45 am Gibbs at the roundabout by the Caroni Bridge – TCJ 6719 or sometimes PCL 9474 – check it out…

Do I need to go on? Just doing the traffic things as above will contribute significantly to your ample remuneration. Policing work shouldn’t be like government – only concentrating on the mega projects and ignoring  the small important cogs of the wheel. And implement a faster way to issue tickets. Instead of writing two for the day they may be able to do twenty.



  1. spot on as usual

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