Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 6, 2010

The Only Crime Plan

I was midway into another post of the ‘happenings’ while I was out of the island and then I saw another 9-hour wonder come into view…

So senior policemen feel upset about the AG’s harsh comments on their performance and the not too complimentary comparison with a TV show? And is the AG also telling Gibbs that the CoP’s honeymoon was over after three months while clearly still enjoying his government’s own after seven? Hmmmm… what’s wrong with this picture?

First off, I don’t hold any brief for CoP Gibbs and I think that if you bring anyone, and I mean anyone, into this country to manage the Police Service without first disbanding the Police Service Commission, it’s wasting time. If I am employed to manage and I have responsibility over the performance of men and women under my command, you bet I need the authorisation to reward as well as to discipline. And let’s face it – the authors of the constitution envisaged protection from the politicians with these dinosaurs called Service Commissions and yet we have a politician in charge of the PSC. Scandalous I say…

But back to Gibbs. I drive many mornings in some seriously trafficked areas and there hasn’t been any change under the Gibbs Police Service. Hundreds of delinquent drivers still overtake on the shoulders even though that’s a $1000 fine. And it goes to the root of all the failures of our so-called crime plans – they should be called work plans. The plan should be: how do I do my job today instead of making excuses about why I am not doing my job.

If there is one thing needs to be implemented so that we can start solving our crime problems – and Gibbs can take all the credit for this since he is learning it first hand – is to start charging people who believe that they are above the law. Make no mistake about it – many people, especially politicians, mouth off about no one being above the law and yet they have an unrelenting belief that they are.

And let’s go one step above them (politicians are the scum of the earth are they not?) the moneyed community who also believe that they are above the law. They break every single rule they can to further enrich themselves and for the poor souls who happen be in the line of fire, let them be damned. Whether it’s environmental or developmental rules it doesn’t really matter – money speaks and everyone else either listen or turn a deaf ear.

And yet, they trumpet about the “troubled youths” and cannot understand at the root of it all and the reason why there are gangs in the first place. It’s war and these “troubled youths” are fighting against the “system” and the citizens like us who “conform”. We conform by alllowing ourselves to be persuaded by politicians and make regular visits to the people whose only god is money. We conform by growing old under the yoke of this system and they hate us for it. They kill, they maim, they rob knowing fully well that their lives are short. I will bet too that they cannot explain what it is they do and why they do it, but the rage is contagious.

So before Gibbs present the AG with any crime plan, he should ask Anand what to do about the pompous Nizam Mohammed? You see, the gangs already know the answer – nothing…


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