Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 10, 2010

Time To Tief

It has become painfully obvious that quite a few of the PP ministers are undisciplined and believe that they are the government – case in point being Jack Warner. But then again what do you expect when the real ‘leader’ is out of the country receiving glamour awards and when home says nothing?

But in the last six months, no one has done more damage than Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan – a Hindu supremacist if there was ever one – by his provoking of Fazeer Mohammed, getting the reaction he wanted and then getting him fired… A brilliant man who is at the core a political idiot. And what happened after the outrage that broke out? The PM ran…

And last weekend we had the other idiot saying there is no money and contractors may have to take bonds in lieu of cash payments for monies owed. Really? So, Jacko, what’s stopping the GORTT from using their clout and raising the money from the bank themselves instead of the contractors having to take whatever discounted rate the banks throw at them? And yes, we know that they are a cartel and will come to a ‘common’ solution for their ‘valued’ clients. At the end of the day the bank will make more money than the contractors by doing nothing. So who from the banking fraternity passed that brilliant idea by you Jacko?

Or do you think the cash that is available is all yours? Don’t think we haven’t noticed that there is plenty cash to do what you want to do… Tell me, is the contractor (who didn’t bid competitively for anything) working on the highway replacing the crossings working for bonds?

So, here is what’s going to happen – the PP knows that they will be a one-term government so every one of them are going to start to ‘tief’. This country will once again be PNM country (because Manning will make his ‘tack-back’ and all will be forgiven) and the dreams that we all have this country will falter again. And once more men and women who can really serve this country, but they know they haven’t got a chance to win an election, will disappear further into the background.  We really and truly get the leadership we deserve.


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