Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 4, 2010

To President Duke

Good day to you Sir. I hope that you are well rested as I am going into a long weekend of even more rest and family time. I had to write you a little note on your current ‘war’ and beg your indulgence a little…

If someone was to ask me what were the similarities between a politician and a union leader, I will have to say that they both demand taxes in return for representation and they both portray themselves as working in the interest of ‘the people’.

Now if you were to ask me the differences, that will take a bit longer… But for argument’s sake, let’s try a few: Top of the list is that whereas a politician must try (or at least seem to try) and seek the interests of all, a union leader seeks only the interests of a few. Now I studied Industrial Relations under an elder of the movement – Gabriel Yeates – and we fought on a regular basis. I don’t know if he is before your time Mr. President, but Gabriel was a firm believer that the labour movement should have more involved in government – something I disagree with, but I will talk about that further down.

Second point is that a politician can make all the noise and rant and rave to his or her pleasure, but at the end of the day, if he/she holds the reins of power they have to find a solution to the problem. On the other hand a union leader rants and raves for someone else to find the solution to his/her demands.

The point of this little note is to remind you that you have to convince me, a user of public services that your charges deserve what they are asking for. I know that in the preceding paragraph the answer is already there – not your problem – but that’s where you are wrong. I can list all of them – from Town and Country, Regional Corporations, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Works, Public Health Inspectorate, EMA, Licensing Office, Passport Office…. where the staff should all be fired rather than get paid more.

If you are not happy about your job, find another. Can’t find another, go and upgrade your skills. Can’t upgrade your skills? Well that just shows you have no choice but to be in the public service… At the end of it all, if you are unhappy, please don’t vent your frustrations on me. Just do the job that you are there for!

Now if this sounds harsh to the public officers who feel that they are better, I apologise, but you are certainly buried deep where you can’t be found. Those who I have had the misfortune to interact are grossly incompetent – and because that’s all I see, what is the logical conclusion? Their modus operandi is very simple – frustrate the living daylights out of you so that you just stop asking for anything. This I assume cuts down on the workload tremendously.

But Mr. President, back to the part of the labour movement in government. There is one thing similar again here – you both understand nothing about return on investment. For Yeates profit was a dirty word and not for the life of me could I get him to understand that it was necessary. To government, it is the same – spend, spend and then spend some more as if there’s no tomorrow.

So Mr. President, I wish I could hear more from you about what the public service is going to do for me instead of how much I should pay them. You think that you can embark on some slick campaign and convince me of that? If yes, I will don a green shirt and help you fight the cause of these poor and miserable public servants. If not, please just shut up…


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