Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 1, 2010

Immigration Hypocrisy

I saw an interesting article in today’s Newsday and I was waiting patiently for the topic to come up…,130096.html

I hope that the story is still accessible with the above link, but in a nutshell it is about the Guyanese community in Trinidad. It’s a fact that there are a substantial amount of immigrants in Trinidad – both highly visible and not. The most visible are the Chinese because we all grew up in a Trinidad that usually had one Chinese family in a village. The others who are not so visible (until they open their mouth to speak) are the CARICOM nationals, Africans and Indians. And simply because they look like us…

The article interviewed a guy who is here under CSME status and who spoke candidly about how his countrymen are treated by Trinidadians – some even being violently attacked and beaten. Now I can declare my interests here: From the first time I visited Guyana I fell in love with the place and up to now I can’t fully explain why…

There is also a perception that Guyanese are ‘smartmen’ and ‘cunning’, but that’s what everyone says about Trinidadians! And in case you never experienced Guyanese hospitality, it’s unnerving when they visit in Trinidad and ‘take over the house’. That’s the way they are… When you visit them, they expect you to move about the house as if you own it!

But let’s deal with another hypocrisy not spoken of in this article. Why are our CARICOM brothers and sisters being targeted and yet Chinese have free run of the land? What magic door did Patrick Manning put in place that Chinese nationals can come here by the boat loads (okay, plane loads) and in no time they are cooking and selling food, buying properties and driving cars. And please let us not forget the infamous firearm licence!

In the same breath we can ask if he ever put up two other magic doors for St. Vincentians and Grenadians who were supposed to be part of his mini-federation, but purposely blocked the Guyanese who are overwhelmingly more Indo? Something is terribly wrong with this picture… One morning we will get up and see the blue CC flag burnt on the ground and hoisted in its place the red one of the PRC.


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