Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 29, 2010

For The Love Of Bling

What is it about government ministries and their love of Prados? And preferably in black? Toyota Trinidad must smile every time a tender comes out to supply the GORTT with vehicles because they are a hot favourite.

Sitting in my car at the traffic lights by CGA waiting to cross the PBR and I saw MILAT (Ministry of National Security something), Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (with a fancy logo), Ministry of Public Utilities… When I reached up to the roundabout by Maritime there was another idiot driving a black Prado from the Ministry of Public Utilities making a third lane and cutting across another driver already in the roundabout. One wonders where he was in a hurry going on government business! Yeah, right…

Bu the greatest I ever saw was the one from the Poverty Eradication Unit (Ministry of Social Development, maybe?) Let that sink in… “Poverty Eradication Unit” and driving around in what costs over TT$600,000 to ordinary folks… I can imagine when they reached where they were going (to meet po’ people?) they opened the back door and took out the most expensive basket that money could buy, well decorated with ribbons and containing a long letter signed by a government bureaucrat, explaining to what should now be  a very grateful po’ person, how lucky he/she was to benefit from the marvelous work being done by their government while it only had a doubles and a Chubby… or maybe a pack of Crix and corn curls… All flash and no substance.



  1. so tru.. i have pics of a Parliament Prado as well from a couple of years ago… wondered why our Parliament would need such a vehicle… maybe it could be explained by our Substandard Road conditions

    • Talking ’bout Parliament… Only today I noticed some water bottles sitting on the tables with what was very conspicuously the Parliament’s symbol of the crossed maces on the label. Who authorises this frivolous expenditure? And why were there no complaints from members of the house? Especially when our PM is supporting environmental and clean up isues…

      • i suspect that it was from a few administrations ago… the Hilton had similarly branded water… only gone now coz they no longer have that supplier… the HYATT does but theirs isnt branded

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