Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 22, 2010

5 Years Still Not Enough

So it was that time every three years when I have to make that dreadful trip to Licensing Office to renew my driving licence. Apart from now charging me $100/year instead of $66.67/year, nothing much has changed… Well, instead of three years I have to return in five, but that still isn’t long enough. At times like this I wish I was rich enough so that someone can drive me, but I enjoy driving too much.

So there I was stewing in the hot sun and no system in place to know when it’s time for me to get my picture taken. A roomful of people who were there before lunch and spilling outside and everyone asking where’s the photographer. The people who were there before said he left promptly at noon to go for lunch, but no sign of a return until 1:30. And I’m supposed to support Watson Duke when he’s agitating for more money for public servants? You have got to be mad…

When I finally got a seat on the inside with some AC, I heard a woman call one set of about 10 names in an hour. At 3:30 and panic setting in the last batch of us just walked into the photo room and that’s when we were admonished like children by the photographer who said that he was doing us a ‘favour’… Talk about turning a knife into an open wound!

So here’s Mr. Jackson’s beef: they are working in inhumane conditions for not enough money and everyone accuses them of being corrupt. He even went so far as to say that after suffering for so long we should have formed a contingent and gone to complain to Jack Warner. (By now I am sure you are thinking that I’m making all of this up, ent?) Imagine that? This is public ‘service’? What the hell is wrong with these people? If Mr. Jackson understood how much money I lost while I wasted four hours of my life in his little kingdom, I am sure he would have a fit.

Five years to go and renew is still not enough for this type of abuse…



  1. inhumane? Humane you mean. Homo Sapiens is the only specie to be intentional cruel and ‘bad minded’.

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